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Free Software Part 3

July 30, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Software

Free Software Part 3

Desktop Enhancements:

AveDesk –
CursorXP –
Desktop Sidebar –
Filehand –
Glass2k –
Kapsules –
Konfabulator –
Lost Goggles –
MobyDock –
Panorama –
RunFast –
Samurize –
SlickRun –
Snippy –
TaskSwitchXP Pro –
tclock2 –
Trip –
Weather Watcher –
WinRoll –

Download managers:

Free Download Manager –
Fresh Download –
LeechGet –
Retriever –
Star Downloader –
Sun Download Manager –
wackget –
wget –
WellGet –

Encryption and data security:

Axcrypt –
Blowfish Advanced CS-
Eraser –
File Shredder –
KeePass –
GnuPG –
PGP Freeware –
PicoCrypt –
TrueCrypt –
WindowsCleaner –

Used Nintendo video games: Never ending supply of cheap fun

July 29, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Used Nintendo video games: Never ending supply of cheap fun

Are you eager to own more Nintendo video games than what you have now? If yes, then prepare yourself for shelling out a considerable amount of money for the purchase of popular Nintendo video games, as they are costly. This means that Nintendo video games fans, without the extra cash, cannot live their dream. Or does it? If you want to live your dream with a limited budget, then now is the time for you to turn your attention towards used Nintendo video games. Several places on the web are wonderful sources for cheap used game for your DS and WII.

The fact, which makes the online purchase of Nintendo video games very nice, is that most instructions and manuals of the games are only a click away. Thus, the fear of missing out on important information, which was not present in the box, should be waved off from your mind. Again, the experience can be as good as the new one, if you erase any of the old characters.

Let us check out some ideas, which can help you in saving your hard-earned money, on the purchase of used Nintendo video games:

Online Stores for Nintendo video games

There are a number of online stores on the web, which carry a wide range of used Nintendo video games in their sales rack. There are many hardcore gamers, who step on the online platform, for selling the games that they have already finished. There are possibilities that you might get your hands on some of the vintage Nintendo video games, which are not available in the market.

In case, your local store doesn’t have old Nintendo video games, its time for you to turn your attention towards online stores, which is sure to have the game, you are looking for. In fact, online stores should probably be your first option, as they are not restricted to a single city.

Used Nintendo video games at Online Auctions

There are many domains on the web, which are meant for auction of different products, but none of them are dedicated primarily to Nintendo video games. However, there is nothing wrong with that. These online auction websites are wonderful locations in getting your hand in Nintendo video games. Tons of systems and Nintendo video games are listed almost regularly at these domains. Thus, they give a chance to you for finding a game, which you were looking for, at an affordable rate. You can refer these places for a ‘never ending supply of cheap fun’.

So, start shopping online for your favorite Nintendo video games, and help Mario, Link and each one of your much loved characters in saving the world!

Free Software Part 2

July 29, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Software

CD/DVD Burning:

Burn4Free -
Burnatonce -
Burrrn -
CDBurnerXP -
CDR Tools Frontend -
Deepburner -
DVD Decrypter:
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -
ImgBurn -

Compression / Decompression:

7-zip -
bzip2 -
ExtractNow -
FilZip -
Info-Zip -
IZArc -
QuickZip -
TUGZip -
Zip&Go -
Zipgenius -

Defrag Software:

DIRMS & Buzzsaw -
OpenVMS -

Free Software

July 28, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Software

Free Software

In the next few days, I’ll be adding a few categories of free software for your PC. How’s that for pc tips and tricks!

I’ve compiled a large list of free software to download for your PC. Here’s the first few categories


a-squared –
AntiVir –
Avast –
BitDefender –
ClamWin –

Anti Spyware:

Ad-aware -
Bazooka -
Hijackthis -
SpyBot Search & Destroy -
SpywareBlaster -
SpywareGuard -
WinPatrol -

Audio Creation

Gungirl Sequencer -
HammerHead -
Jesusonic -
KRISTAL Audio Engine -
orDrumbox -
Tu2 -


Which Registry Cleaner is Best for Vista?

July 27, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: OS Tips and Tricks

Registry Cleaner is Best for Vista?

Windows Vista is the last version of Windows to come out from Microsoft, but it still has big problem in the registry. This is known as the “Achilles Heel” of Windows Vista, because it is the biggest culprit for making your PC run slowly and also cause errors. To fix it, you probablu need a registry cleaner… but which one is the best out there today?

Even though there are dozens of registry cleaners on the market, not many work well on Vista. That’s because registry cleaners are all been designed to do the same jon. Vista has a new file structure and makes that job extremely difficult for a cleaner which hasn’t been designed for it. Essentially, all registry cleaners scan through a database on your PC called the registry. This is the part of Windows which acts like a “memory”, allowing your computer to remember all the settings and options for your PC. Everything from your Internet Favorites to your desktop wallpaper are “remembered” in the registry, making it one of the most important parts of your system.

Windows Vista

The problem with the Vista registry is that since Windows needs the registry files so much, it constantly has 100’s of them open. Unfortunately, Vista actually gets confused and ends up saving many of these files in totally the wrong way, making them corrupt and hard for your computer to read. This slows your computer down (as it tries to decipher the mixed up files) and can cause errors.

To fix this, you just need to use a registry cleaner to go through the registry and fix any damaged files that are in there. However, you need to be careful about which cleaner you use with Vista… because only a handful work well at all. Because Vista has a range of new registry features , many of the old cleaners will simply scan the system and flag all the new features as problems. This is a big problem, because if any of the wrong registry files are removed, your computer could fail to boot or log you in.

That’s why we always stick to using a handful of registry cleaners which have been specifically designed for Vista. Cleaners such as RegGenie, RegCure and RegAce come into this category… but out of all these, the best Vista registry tool is one called “RegAce”. This has only been launched a few months ago, but has already been downloaded by millions of people. It’s become so popular thanks to an advanced scanning engine, which allows it to find even the most rare of Vista registry problems and fix them quickly. It also has a complete backup & restore facility, which allows you to fix any problems without the fear that it might break your computer.

Mobile Phones for Everyone

July 26, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Mobile

Mobile phones for everyone

In today’s world, mobile phones have become the part of your daily life because it is the device, which makes you connected through out the world with you relatives. With the increase in population, the quantity of mobile is also increasing rapidly in our surroundings. Now, people cannot leave without mobile. You may say that its life of mass mainly the young generations.In fact, business communities were using the mobile phone for their business transaction; you can also say that all business is conducted through phones now.

Cell Phone

With the increase of usage of mobile companies were coming into action, such as Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Samsung and many others originating day by day, as the need of mobile requirements were increasing with the increase in production of mobile companies. Now, the companies like Blackberry bringing newer and latest feature sand designs every day to meet the requirement of mass.

They are coming out with their music editions, laptop editions, and many more to capture the market and provide all sort facilities needed for the users.
Frequency of the usage of mobile was becoming triple now days to cope with the mass requirements because now you don’t have to bother about bills, as the companies are coming with newer and cheaper rates day by day as competition also increases in the market.