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What’s the latest in Computer Technology?

August 31, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

What’s the latest in Computer Technology?

Have you ever seen the inside of your computer? By any chance, if you have peeked while the technician or vendor was installing any of the components, then you might have thought of it as a machine of threats. But getting acquainted gradually with various components of a computer system will make things quite easier. Present computers are a setup of approximately eight different parts, while the advanced versions may have additional number of components. Even at the beginner’s level, you must have a basic knowledge about these fundamental components of your system. So let us get started with your system.

Foremost is the supply of power. It is very important as without it, the electricity will not be supplied to all the other components of your system. It is generally a rectangle shaped compartment and is mainly placed in a corner of your system. To make sure of this component, search the path of the power cable and see where the plug is in the rear of your system. And there it is. The supply of power is mainly calculated in watts with an increment of 50 watts (500,550,600 etc).

Then there is the Motherboard. Every individual component of your system is connected to this part, but still it must not be considered as the brain of the system. It does embrace the brain and is responsible for the proper functioning of the brain with every other peripheral of the computer.

Third very vital part is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and this is known as the brain of your machine. Nothing can happen if this component goes missing. Every major to minor calculation is processed inside this part. The activation, control and proper operation of every other unit in co-ordination with each other is also the responsibility of CPU. Lesser the time taken by CPU to calculate and deliver the accurate answers, better and quicker will be the performance of your machine. The measurement is in Gigahertz (Ghz) and CPUs faster than 3.8 Ghz are now available.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is at the fourth place. It is used as a temporary storage for the work being done on the system. RAM is of different types with varying speeds, but it must be ensured that RAM matches the configuration of the motherboard for its effective operation.

Hard drive is the fifth component which is a permanent storage for all your data. Data can be the operating system (required), various softwares, games, audio and video files etc. with the passage of time, the capacity of hard drive has increased tremendously from 20 MB to more than 500 GB. This enables you to store libraries of games, videos, pictures, applications, documents etc. Of course you can choose the one suiting your requirements.

Cooling fan comes at the sixth place. Generally the system is loaded with a single cooling fan but it can have more than one fan too. Its working is similar to that of a coolant in the car. It is responsible to remove the heat that is generated by your system’s other components so that nothing gets broken because of overheating. No wonders the fan does make noise but it must be tolerated as cooling fan helps preventing damage to delicate parts.

Seventh component is actually a blend of multiple devices. These include CD-DVD Drives, Floppy Drive and other devices used for taking backups (External Hard drives etc).

Last but not the least is the processor. Latest ones provide various features like enhanced performance, easy multitasking, highly increased productivity and elevated processing speed. At present the notebooks and desktop PCs put forth the never before seen or experienced excellence, consistency and great performance. These computers have faster execution, less response time, sleek and attractive designs to offer and this surely help to keep the user better informed, entertained and creative. This advanced technology enables you to get what you desire in tailor-made fashion. The processors of next generation are Dual-Core, Core™2 Duo and Quad-Core processor.

Blu-Ray – The New Digital Video Standard

August 26, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Blu-Ray – The New Digital Video Standard

All those who are acquainted with storing large data in compact space and rewriting, recording and play back of high definition video, must be knowing about this technology. Whenever a comparison between the capacities of traditional DVD is made with the Blu-Ray, it is worth mentioning that the latter offers up to 5 times more capacity. This is the reason for beyond compare high definition video provided to the consumer. It is actually the blue laser which craft Blu-ray disk that makes use of short wave length which is more defined and focused to permit more data on the disk.

Blu Ray

Blu-ray is actually provided in some 200 electronic devices which include various basic and regularly used systems like music, computers, video games etc. And the increase in popularity gives the credit to film industry which includes Disney, Fox, Paramount etc that are using this technology in abundance. And the experience of audiences speaks for the high definition audio and video and interactivity.

To employ the interactive menus with this technology, Java is used for the disks. This has enabled the users to add various other contents like subtitle languages, updates and other promotional characteristics via internet. This technology is advancing continuously and with the increase in demand, the prices will slash down, thereby making it possible for almost everyone to use this technology on regular basis at affordable price. Its following an age old trend of replacing the old technologies with high definition contents to offer along with superior technology, being the latest in the list with cassettes, CDs, DVDs as a part of this list.

This technology has shown an increase during the last 5 years and will continue doing so in future as well.

Low on money? Still stay current with current technology

August 22, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Low on money? Still stay current with current technology

With such a fast track life, it is getting tougher to stay in touch with the latest and advanced technologies. It is like that by the time you are out of a store with a new I-pod, laptop, cell phone etc, new and improved version of such equipments and gadgets land in market with much advanced features and better performance. So now what you feel about your gadgets? Outdated! Right. And in the developing countries like ours, it is not possible for a number of people to own latest technologies, that is, buying newer versions continuously in a span of four to six months. So for all those, this information will tell you how to save on your money and still be updated with the latest advancements in the technology without actually buying new gadgets.

First and foremost let us talk about the most common item that most of us want updated, Laptop or PC. It is obviously not possible to buy a new PC every 6 months or even within a year just to have access to latest technology. Instead it is good to seek services from some company that can renovate the existing system and also increase memory. These services can enhance the performance and output and life of your PC at very affordable prices and you will not even feel that you are using a system belonging to dinosaur age. In fact you can ask some friend of yours who deal with such stuff and they may offer you services for free.

Another way to enhance your present system is to go to a resale store and sell it in for some other second-hand system that you find more advanced in terms of technology than yours. The owners of such shops are specialists in their work with the computers and can actually reconstruct a computer to make it almost a match of the new ones available at retail shops. The benefits will be two way-first you will have the advantage of trade-in and second you will be able to get an updated machine and quite less cost as it is pre-used.

Next in the list are the cell phones. Various mobile companies have a contract for a pre-defined time period, say two years or so. This period can seem to be quite long in terms of technology. During this time period, these companies launch many new models with many advanced features and efficient operation. Now if you have taken a plan like for family and if by any chance a family member does not feel like upgrading the cell phone then you can grab the opportunity and utilize their upgrade for your old phone earlier than the two year. Another thing that can be done is to wait for any special offer by that company like some sale etc. At times they may provide options to upgrade your phone to a newer one free of cost that is technologically more advanced and loaded with more features.

The final idea to suggest is to keep a watch on websites like Craigslist or eBay if you want a slash in amount you pay for new technology. Many people sell off the used items on such sites. Almost all the times, you will find those people who buy latest things quite often and sell off their previous things online. Usually these gadgets are new and in pretty good condition and offered at low price.

Removing Spyware-What is known to them and you?

August 17, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT, Software

Removing Spyware-What is known to them and you?

If spyware is a new term for you, then first of all know that it is a malware that is capable of gathering some of your personal information, if it is your computer that it has infected. And while it is doing all this happily, you have absolutely no idea about what is happening inside your system. It came into existence as a marketing tool, which was bundled with another program so that after its installation, it has collected important information about user already. The actual function, however, is to provide certain statistical data to various companies involved in advertisements. Collecting the personal information helps them in analyzing and deciding some factors like who can be their target audience. Of course, these agencies agreed that information collected will not be too personal, but then nothing as such has been considered or followed all these years. Since spywares are still an integral part of marketing policy of many companies with no such information to the system user about the infestation by spyware, its removal has been thought to be one of the toughest jobs by the users that has to be done in order to ensure the security of the computer system and the personal information of user.

The only way to end worries about removing the spyware is quite simple. Make sure it is not acquired by your system. Obviously, the easiest way to avoid the attacks of spyware is to ensure highly effective antivirus or anti-spyware software for your computer system. Many of us don’t even know that we can make use of two types of programs to suit our computer- first one is scan and remove which inspects all the programs residing in your system. Nod32 is considered as the best tool for removing spyware. The second type of program is real time protection that helps in preventing the infestation of spyware in the computer system. The main task done by this type is blocking all the contents from entering into your system that have spywares.

Finding the suitable program to remove spyware from your system is not a much complicated task, so it should not be much worried about. Actually, thousands of such softwares are available online that can be downloaded to get rid of this problem. What needs your attention is to find the right tool to remove the spyware. Of course there are many such softwares that are available free of cost but then it increase the chances that many of them may have spywares bundles with them too. So it is highly required to properly analyze the software you are about to download and use so that you can make sure that it is good for your computer system. The most important thing is to know your requirements. This will help you in finding the right tool for your system that will suit your needs even if you end up opting for the wrong software before.

Crack Computer Problems by Using Technical Support Online

August 16, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Crack Computer Problems by Using Technical Support Online

No wonder recently there is a tremendous increase in the popularity of technical services being provided online. There are so many of these types of online services that are offered from around the globe. And it seems quite handy, that is, sitting at home one can solve problems or enhance the functioning of a PC. If you are not well acquainted with these kinds of services, then this information will surely help you understand them better.

All the credit for such online services must be given to the support technicians as they are the ones with the capabilities of solving most of the problems related to computer including the technical ones. Being a client, all you have to do is pay some money if you desire any of such support services. Online services can be used via high-speed internet connection and these technicians can solve many technical problems by logging into your PC using remote login.

It is easy to search specialists online who can help fix your problems. During the process of analyzing and fixing the problems, a technician can have a proper access and look at all the activities and processes of the computer. With the technological advancements these days, you can maintain your control over your system and if any breach of security is seen, you can detach your system even if you are in the mid of the service session. Other than remote control, certain specialists sometimes guide the clients over the telephone and by following what is being told, the system can be repaired by the clients themselves.

Unless the client asks for using the program in future, many online specialists terminate the program after the system is repaired. One can notice that these online computer repair services became popular all of a sudden. But nevertheless, it is a must to make a thorough check of the status about the company from whom you seek services. This will help you in protecting your significant data and also evaluate company.

Numerous consumers seek online services because they are savings in term of time and effort. Various common computer related services that are provided and used online include installing new softwares, updating or repairing existing softwares, removing potential threats like virus, trojans, worms etc, disk cleaning and enhancing performance of PC etc. It is worth mentioning that the success rate of solving computer related problems online is fairly high.

Such services are being opted by a large number of people as this ensure saving a lot of time and effort. You need not rush to service centers taking your PC along. At the same time, the technicians are also located at a stationary location. So neither the customer nor the technicians have to go anyplace to repair and fix the errors of a system. Hence the time saved can be utilized by the specialist to resolve the problem of other client while that of client in doing other jobs.

Computers: The Best Way To Grow Your Network

August 14, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Personal IT

Computers: The Best Way To Grow Your Network

Whenever you will pose this question to anyone, you will get different answers. Some find it unnecessary and some find it hard to imagine life without computers. Computers are now ruling all over the world and its convincing factors are more than its disadvantages. Let us have a look at some of the reason, which will compel you to have your own computers.

If you possess a computer, all information can be in front of you within few minutes with the help of internet. Now, you do not have to go to library and carry a library card to get information on any topic.
You can send and receive messages from your nearby relatives or any loved ones without any more delay through electronic mail (e-mail). Email provides you with the fast and speed service that too free of cost.

The network of your friend can be increased and you may have few more friends in your friend list. There are many social networking sites about which you can know from the Internet. This network enables you to unite with your distant friends even. No more paying a high amount in phone bill, just chat with your friends online and stay connected.