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Glary Utilities Pro Product Review

November 04, 2009 By: bretthexum Category: Software

Product Review – Glary Utilities Pro

I was recently introduced to Glary Utilities Pro, and after giving it a try I was very impressed and decided to write a review.

Glary Utilities Review

Glary Utilities Review

There are two separate versions of Glary Utilities – the freeware version and the Professional version. The freeware version is a great quick way to diagnose and resolve some simple windows problems. It quickly scans your registry, recommends disk cleaning, and give your PC enhanced internet and speed performance. For a free tool, this can’t be beat. A very quick scan and easy to use interface makes this one of the best diagnostic tools out there.

I’ll spend most of my time review the Professional version. This is a much more robust program that can do a deep level scan of all files and registry entries. Again, the scans are extremely fast and accurate. Many people don’t understand how a cluttered registry can slow down a PC and cause errors. This tool found over 400 bad and/or old registry entries in my computer. It also found almost 1 GB of temporary files in my hard drive that were no longer needed. This is less of a concern today with the very large hard drives, but it can still make a huge difference in older computers.

Glary Utilities Pro has five different modules in it – Clean Up & Repair, Optimize & Improve, Privacy & Security, Files & Folders, and System Tools. I’ll give a brief overview of each module and associated utilities within them.

Glary Utility Review

Clean Up & Repair

This module has four separate utilities in it. Here’s a quick overview of each

Disk Cleaner

Remove sold/junk data from your hard drive and recover the free space. This is a very easy utility that takes a while to run. It basically scans your whole hard drive and gives you the results. Again, not a very necessary tool for newer PC’s but can free up a large percentage of disk space on older PC’s.

Registry Cleaner

I outlined this tool above. Again, a very useful tool that can speed up your system and reduce errors. Thumbs up on this!

Shortcut Fixer

This will scan your start menu and desktop shortcuts to see if you have any old shortcuts that are not pointing to anything active. Useful on cluttered desktops and computers. Worth a shot at running it once.

Uninstall Manager

This is one of my favorites, especially as an Systems Administrator at work. For the normal user I don’t see much difference in this and add/remove programs. But when you highlight the program the uninstall command pops up on the bottom of the screen which is VERY useful for scripting, etc. Honestly, I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted searching the registry for uninstall strings and commands. I’d recommend the products just for this feature alone to any systems administrators or IT people. I love this one!

Optimize & Improve

Fairly self explanatory – optimize and improve your systems performance. Here are the four utilities in this module.

Startup Manager

This utility will show you which programs are set to startup at computer bootup – even the invisible ones. This is a good utility to check for malware or spyware. The average user should be a little careful on this one. You could cause some problems if you tell some certain programs not to start.

Memory Optimizer

This is a neat little utility that can free up some memory if you don’t have a lot of physical RAM in your PC. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my testing PC has 3 GB of RAM so I don’t have a lot of memory problems on here. Again – can be very useful in older or slower machines.

Context Menu Manager
I’m not exactly sure what this utility does – LOL. I’ll have to play with this one and write a follow up. I believe it’s the right click options for your desktop.

Registry Defrag

Another good registry tool that defrags your registry just like a disk defrag. You’ll want to close all other programs while running this to make sure files aren’t in use. Didn’t really notice a speed performance increase after running this, but again – I am on a brand new machine. Nice little utility

Privacy & Security

Here are four more utilities that again are very self explanatory.

Tracks Eraser

Been to website that the wife or husband wouldn’t approve of? Run this utility to cover your tracks. It will erase all evidence of the sites you’ve visited. Clears files, history, cookies, and more. DISCLAIMER – Don’t be stupid and surf porn at work or something – then run this to cover your tracks. This is not meant for that!

File Shredder

A utility that will completely erase sensitive data on your PC. The software claims it uses DOD 5220.22-M (Department of Defense) standards, so that’s good enough for me. Could be useful for HR departments, etc. Good utility.

File Undelete

A quick way to recover files you accidently deleted. This will not work on files you shredded with the tool above! Happens quite often to me – I’ve already used it myself!

File Encrypter and Decrypter

This utility will protect your files so that only you can use them and no one else can view and/or edit. I tried it on a few files and it seems to work great. Don’t forget your password though! Not sure how that would go.

Files & Folders

Again, fairly self explanatory.

Disk Analysis

A quick scan tells you the current disk usage and space available for your files and folders. Probably not super helpful for the average user who only checks email or surfs the internet, but could he useful for a power user or business. Quick scan, easy interface. I like it. My documents and settings take up half of my hard drive space! Imagine that…

Duplicate Files Finder

Another neat little utility that will search your selected drives and/or folders for duplicates. Not very useful for a person like me but it could be helpful for some users.

Empty Folders Finder

Yes, it finds folders that are empty. That’s about it. Could be very annoying for a person like me who moves stuff around all the time. Sometimes my folders are empty for a reason. Again – maybe useful for some. But not I…

File Splitter and Joiner

This tool is worth the money by itself! This is a must own for any system administrator or helpdesk analyst. This will split large files into multiples and make the size manageable. This is great for those larger docs that need to be emailed. One gotcha – the recipient also needs to have this program to rejoin it. If you do the trial of this product – check this one out. This is a great alternative to WinZip.

System Tools
The last 3 tools in this suite are the system tools. Here we go.

Process Manager

A simple program that will monitor running processes on your pc and stop them if you wish. A useful program for more advanced users but I can see some novices causing more harm than good. Be careful with it and keep track of what you stop!

Internet Explorer Assistant

This says it will manage Internet Explorer add-ons and restore hijacked settings. Unfortunately I couldn’t test this one due to our company IE settings. Looks intriguing though.

Windows Standard Tools

A nice one stop window for all of the main windows system functions. It has checkdisk, disk defragmenter, system restore, system file checker, and windows backup. Nothing new here since they are all built-in features of Windows – but many people don’t know where they are. Great for computer novices.


Glary Utilities Pro is one of the best software utility suites I’ve personally used. I’ve been doing corporate IT work for 10 years, and use tons of these products. Many are junk, this is not one of those. The $39.99 price tag is manageable. It’s a small price to pay to speed up and/or optimize your system. You’ll pay the Geek Squad at least $50 just to look at it. I’ve included a download site to a 30 day free trial. I highly encourage everyone to at least check out the trial version. If you like it after 30 days, it will allow to you buy it right online and keep your current installation. You can download the software here.

Glary Utilities Download

Glary Utilities Review

Glary Utilities Review

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