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The Evolution Of Laptops

January 18, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

First laptops appeared when there was a necessity to meet some of the needs of the particular markets. Manufacturers got a task to produce a highly portable machine that will provide professionals with the performance of their particular tasks. Professionals needed a computer that will enable them to cope with all of the tasks even if they are not in the office. At the beginning these computers appeared only in the niche market but later they became widely used by a lot of users. Nowadays laptop computers are utilized by representatives of all social groups because they can meet the needs of every person. Laptops have become very important tools for the students.

The evolution of the laptop computer is very interesting. The first generations of these portable computers were used only by NASA on their space missions. The early generations of laptops were very bulky and their memory was just 340kb. However, they were equipped with the foldable display. That is why they are considered to be a father of the modern laptop.

The first text-book sized computer was introduced only in 1981. It became possible because of the increasing sophistication of the microchip technology. The first laptop was installed with foldable screen; built-in modem and floppy drive devices. What is more, it had some of the programs that were widely used in those days.

In the mid 1980’s the advances in microchip technology accelerated. The appeared a big need for portable and highly functional computer. After that there appeared very light and thin computers that also were very powerful.

Nowadays laptops are ultrathin and very light. All of the laptops are equipped with the hard drives that have huge storage capacity that can be used for storing different kind of data. Their processors are also very fast and provide the user with perfect performance of the set tasks. Modern laptops can substitute any desktop computers. Laptop is also equipped with different hubs and ports that can be used for installing USB drives, reading the memory card and establishing mobile phone connection. All of the laptops are provided with wireless Internet connection. To connect the Internet you just have to be in the Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to these features laptop computers can be easily taken everywhere you need and thanks to its small weight you no longer consider it to be a burden. Thanks to the connection to the Internet the information can be distributed easily. There also appeared laptops that re perfect option for the professional gamers who need powerful machines for running high-end games. The prices on the laptops also greatly vary. Even if do not have much money but you are in dire need of the laptop computer there are different options for you.

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