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Encrypting And Decrypting Your Database.

January 19, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Encoding a Microsoft Access database allows us to protect data from scanning it for information and keywords. It is different from simply adding a password. In this article you will read about the reasons why you might want to encrypt and decrypt your database and how to do it.

If you open an Access file in another application, you will see that it looks all messed up. But if you look through it carefully, you will be able to find some pieces of information stored in the database. If you want to prevent it, you should encrypt your database. After you encrypt the database, it might start working slower. So, while you are working directly with the database, you’ll want to know how to decrypt it.

You will be able to learn more about encrypting and decrypting your database during your Access database training, but this article will provide you with a quick way to perform these tasks and let you test your work.

You should start with opening your already created Access database. Find the sub menu in the tools and choose Security and then click on Encode/Decode database. Then save the file as an encoded one in any folder you like. Close the database and, if necessary, block unsafe features.

The next step is to open two new text editors like notepad. Then, in one text editor open the non encoded file and in the other text editor open the encoded database file. And even though the non encoded file looks like a mess, it is still possible to see some important pieces of information. Whereas, in the encoded file you see that nothing can be read. Now, you can close the text editors and go back to the Access database. Now you should learn how to decrypt the file. In order to do this, you have to close the database and open it again, so that new security features could take effect.

Open the encoded database file and go through the safety warning and click “open” if needed. Again, find the sub menu, Security and choose Encode/Decode database. Now, save the file as the decoded one and your database file is decrypted.

And, again, if you want to check your work, open a text editor and open a decrypted file there. You will see that it is completely the same as the first unencrypted document.

This method of encrypting/decrypting the database is surprisingly simple. Many people think that the Access database is a very difficult program and only experts can work with it. But, then, after taking a couple of easy Access courses, they find it quite easy and can create their databases by themselves. Even if you will not become an expert database developer after one Access training, but you will be able to start with simple tasks and then learn more as you go.

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