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Types And Features Laptops

January 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Most of the users have the same thought about the laptop computers. They are considered to be light and portable devices that can be opened like suitcases, but provided with the desktop capabilities. However, there are different types of the personal laptop computers and every type has its particular features.

The first type is called ultralight laptop. They are also called ultraportables and they are considered to be perfect for the travelers since they weight up to four pounds. If you have to carry the laptop the whole day long this laptop is a perfect option because it is so light and thin that it can never be a burden for you. However, this type of the laptop has some of the drawbacks. Since the room in such laptop is restricted there is no possibility to install a network card or internal CD drive. In that case the only opportunity is to attach external CD drive and port replicator. What is more, these laptops are quite expensive and not all of the users can afford purchasing one.

Netbook is one more type of the laptop that is considered to be a regular laptop but its weight is smaller than of the regular laptop but bigger than of the ultralight. Since it has more room in comparison with the ultralight laptop it provides the users with more options. Most of the notebooks have the opening on the side that provides user with the possibility to plug a CD drive, floppy disc or even an extra battery. As a result it meets almost all needs of the user because is very portable and has more options.

Standard laptop is the most popular among all types of the laptops. It is heavier and larger in comparison with the ultralight laptops but at the same time provides the users with full range of the benefits. Regular laptop does not only cope with all of the set tasks and performs them on the best level but also is quite affordable and available. Since such laptops are of high quality and are very portable not always there is a chance to find a discount on the most popular brands. Besides, some of the highly technological regular laptops are quite costly.

Extra large laptop weighs a lot and is very large. As a result the keyboard is also very big and it is quite convenience at usage. This laptop is functional and usually provided with the powerful processor. However, its weight is a disadvantage and very often causes a lot of inconveniences. It is not so portable and its price is usually higher in comparison with other types of the laptops.

The type of the laptop depends on your needs and preferences and since you are aware of them you have a chance to choose a computer that is very portable and performs all of the tasks on the quality level.

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