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A Powerful And Complex Microsoft Access Application

January 23, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

MS Access is very powerful and complex application, which allows you to store and manage data in a very effective way. It uses an MDB file format to create databases. And, due to the complexity of the database, it can often encounter error messages at the time of opening the Access database. Errors may come up when a database object or objects in the database are corrupted or damaged. Access database corruption makes the file inaccessible, which may delay your work and reduce the work performance of the whole company or can even lead to data loss. In this case, having a valid data backup can solve your problem and restore your lost data. But if the backup fails, is corrupt or doesn’t exist, you will need to use a powerful and quality application to repair the MDB file.

Let’s look at the situation, when you get the following error message, while opening the database, which says “unexpected error 35012”. Access database doesn’t open after you encounter this error message, so the data in the file is not accessible.

Usually this kind of error occurs, when one or more database files are corrupted or damaged. It could be the damage or corruption of one or several forms or other database objects.

There are some steps you can take to solve the problem and tome your database accessible again. You should create a new database. Find “get external data” on the File menu and then select Import. This will allow you to import all the database objects like forms, tables, queries, reports into the newly created database.

Most of the times, the above steps should help you resolve the issues and regain the access to your valuable data. But if you still get the same error message after importing the objects, you could try to import all files all over again, without the damaged object. Then you should restore the object from a backup, if it is possible. But if the backup is not available, then the only way you can solve the problem is to use an MDB repair system. These systems are very powerful and they use effective scanning algorithms to restore the MDB file completely. These programs are also developed and designed by educated database experts who supply these systems with easy to use graphical interface. This allows anyone even without any technical skills or knowledge use these tools effectively.

Such powerful MDB repair systems are great to have handy, because any database can get damaged or corrupted anytime, especially those that have a lot of users and a lot of different data stored. Having such Access repair system will allow you fix any database problems very quickly without delaying work performance in your company.

The sphere of computers and computer applications grows all the time. But you can turn this problem into your strong point by catching up with this knowledge and becoming a pro, for example in microsoft access database sphere.

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