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Remote Server Backup – How Useful Is This System

January 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Data Recovery/Security

Just how well can you count on a remote server backup solution, anyway?

Remote server backup is being promoted as the latest innovation in disaster recovery for the small-to-medium sized business owner: The capability to have the files on your computer or even powerful servers being backed up, twenty-four by seven, across the Internet, on autopilot.

For certain, making use of a remote server backup solution results in tremendous expense savings: You don’t have to manage any hardware or even any backup media, you don’t have to obtain any software, and you won’t have to employ technical consultants to run your backups on your behalf.

Your data backup solution is as described hereunder:

– Sign up for an online backup service.
– Install the software agent on your machine. This agent software is always running in the background on the PC, 24 hours a day (whenever your OS is on.)
– Each time you make any changes to your hard local drive – files and folders are added, modifed, or deleted, the client software detects the update, securely encrypts the file, and copies the changed file or folder across the Internet to a remote server backup data center maintained by the backup provider.
– If you have a need to retrieve a corrupted directory, all you need to do is fire up Windows Explorer. In there, you’ll find a “network drive” that has been set up for you. This network folder behaves just like another hard drive, except that when you click to openit, the information that you see there are really an archived version of your local drive!

To recover any file, you just copy the information from the network drive back to your machine’s local drive.

So precisely how stable is this option?

If you have Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, then you shouldn’t have any difficulties. If your machine is able to download files from the Internet (and chances are one hundred percent that your OS is able to do that!), it should be able to send data via the Internet for data recovery purposes, as well!

And how protected is this solution?

All pieces of data are digitally encrypted by the client agent software before being uploaded to the remote server backup provider. What this means is that nobody, not even the personnel who are employed by the online service provider, will be capable to read or hack your data. It is perfectly secure.

The capacity to leverage a remote server backup solution is becoming extremely vital to this decade’s growing businesses. The most lethal blow to any business would be the loss of your vital information. In this age of potential threats of terrorism, increasing instances of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, it is vitally critical that you have a plan ready to keep your files offsite, in case you undergo a loss of access or damage to your hardware.

This is vital not just for businesses, but also for students and even personal home users too. Being that we are in the digital age, data is one our most important assets. Access to data can make the difference between failure and success academically, financially, career-wise, and even personally. (Personally, you would not want to risk the loss of your digital photographs, digital music and other such data that may be important to you.)

Are you ready in case disaster were to happen and you were to lose all of your information? Fortunately, there is a guaranteed solution: You can backup your files online in real time on autopilot with remote server backup solutions.

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