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The Advantages Of Netbooks

January 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Probably you have noticed how popular the netbooks became. From a small laptop computer it turned into powerful tool that helps to do all of the tasks. Since the netbook is extremely portable people take it when they are traveling or just use the public transport. In case you are interested what is so special about the netbook the following information is going to be very useful.

Netbook is usually a very small and thin laptop computer. Its screen is also very small and usually about 10 inches or even less. Netbooks often use either Windows or Linux operating system and they are aimed at providing the user with the possibility to run necessarily program at any moment.

First netbook was introduced in the fall 2007 when Asustek launched the first Eee PC. However, the extreme popularity they got during the last year. More and more companies started to produce mini-laptops and they attracted more and more customers. Netbook is market segment that is growing at a high speed.

Present world is so busy and mobility is appreciated greatly. That is the reason for becoming netbook so popular and so in demand. Every user is interested in the compact and portable device that will provide him with constant access to the Internet and at the same time allows running necessary programs.

What is more, netbooks became necessary tools for the students. They are really perfect option for the students since they are small in size and so light. You can just put it into your school bag or backpack and will not feel any inconvenience. Besides, netbooks are very portable and can be taken to any place. Netbooks provide all of the users with the connection with friends and Internet.

Recent models are designed so they can take a few hard knocks and continue working. For the students it is important that the machine is sturdy and tough since students are not the gentlest creatures on the planet.

In comparison with the regular laptops netbooks have longer battery life. This fact is very important because not always there is an opportunity to recharge the battery. Such battery with so long life makes netbook to be a perfect option for the students.

If to talk about some disadvantages, special attention has to be paid to the processor of the netbook. Usually netbooks processor is slower and less powerful. However, if you are not going to perform difficult tasks that require complicated programs there is no reason for purchasing laptop with more powerful processor.

You also choose storage capacity according to your needs. If you are going to store big amount of different data it is important that the netbook has big memory capacity.

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