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Emergency Training And Flight Simulation Software

January 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Flight simulation software has been used for years in the aviation industry and will continue to be a valuable resource. From getting hand on experience, to preparing for real life emergencies and to being a cost effective choice flight simulators go along way in preparing the pilot for actual. In this particular article I will go through a few of the benefits of using a flight simulation software program.

[spin]The more time a person spends using flight simulation software or a flight simulator the better pilot they are going to be and this has been proven time and time again. By being able to recognize how a plane will respond in different weather condition to the feel of a variety of planes and being able to land and take off from a variety of airports goes a long way in a pilots success. The right type of flight simulation software will provide the closest experience to actually flying an actual aircraft.

When it comes to preparing for real life emergencies nothing beats a flight simulator as there is no worries about actually dying. The flight simulation software allows the pilot or the pilot in training to experience a wide variety of situations and become more comfortable so if the real emergency does happen they will know what to do and be able to handle it. A pilot would rather lose an engine sitting at his or her computer than 10,000 feet up in the air but at least they will know how to respond if it ever happens.

Comparing the cost of purchasing a flight simulator program or purchasing flight time is like comparing a scooter to a Ferrari. Renting a plane is not the cheapest thing to do and it stops many people from logging precious flight time. From a military standpoint it makes more sense spending a few thousand on a top notch simulator than allowing a starting pilot to fly a multimillion dollar aircraft.

Flight simulation is literally the next best thing to actually flying a plane. With the right program a pilot of all levels can get more hands on experience, prepare for emergencies and being a cost effective training tool it is hard to go wrong with a flight simulator program.

If you are looking to purchase a flight simulators program than I would highly suggest that you take a good look at Flight Sim Pro which routinely ranks near the top of the list of flight simulation software.

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