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The Advantages Of Buying Gaming Desktop

January 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

A lot of years ago when gaming laptops appeared on the market professional gamers did not take it serious into consideration. It was not weird because first gaming laptops were nit powerful machines that could provide gamers with running the latest games. They had quite simple configuration and were out of the contest. Those laptops could not replace desktop computers that offered high quality and performances of the modern games.

However, the situation has greatly changed during the last years. Enhanced dual and quad processors and graphics card narrowed the gap between desktop and laptop gaming computers. Besides, thanks to laptop’s portability and mobility it became very popular among the users.

Soon the gap will disappear because the technologies develop at a high speed and manufacturers present more and more improved and enhanced models that offer high quality performance. Besides, some of the specialists made it possible to include some of the desktop components into the gaming laptop computer making it more powerful. As a result such laptop is becomes very heavy and you will not be able to sit with it on your laps for a long time. Still, some of the specialists consider these laptops to be real rivals for gaming desktops. The only con the gaming laptop has is its price that sometimes ca be really shocking.

One more disadvantage you have to be aware of when you decide to purchase gaming laptop is the fact that it has very little space for upgrading. Gaming desktop has a lot of slots and open space to expand. The only thing that you can upgrade in your laptop computer is RAM and hard drive. Usually in laptop computer all of the details are very small and reduced in size and there is almost no space for upgrading. However, hard gamers are always looking for some upgrades. For this reason a lot of gamers refuse to purchase laptop computer.

Price also has an impact on gamer’s decision. Gaming desktop computer can provide you with the same power and performance but costs much less. The prices on the laptops are falling so very soon there will be a chance to buy a powerful and compact a laptop for a reasonable price. What is more, some of the laptops can not compete with the desktop computers because desktop has much bigger monitor that is vitally important for the gamers.

One more reason why the laptops are so cool is the fact that they look really cool. There are a lot of gamers who are interested in their external look. Sometimes it is a question of the style but not of the performance. There is also a portability factor that also has an influence on the final decision of the gamer.

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