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Your Basic Microsoft Access Application Knowledge.

January 27, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access is a very functional database, but it gets even more useful and operational using Visual Basic programming language. Besides storing and managing data in Access database, you can also use Visual Basic to create components in this application. But, besides being very useful, Access modules are very prone to errors, which make it one of the prominent reasons for database corruption and its recovery.

There are two section of Access modules created with the use of Visual Basic. These sections are Class and Standard modules. Visual Basic modules have many uses and some of them are saving query functions and declaration, saving procedures for later, saving methods in a single unit, which makes it easy to use them while handling the database objects.

In case you don’t know what module is, it is just a file that has programming instructions to make handling the database easier. And just like all other Access database files in the system, modules are also prone to corruption, which makes it unusable. There are methods to backup modules in Access database, so damaged module can be successfully recovered only if there is a valid backup available and not otherwise.

The only way the program can notify us about problems is with showing errors. MS Access also informs us in case there is a problem in the modules. There are several reasons for Access modules corruption. Here are some of the errors that are shown if the Access module is corrupted: module not found; errors when running stored procedures; run-time error, compile time error and logical errors in Visual Basic code, etc.

As we have mentioned, you can recover the database effectively with the usual methods like using valid backup. But if this way of recovering the module is not possible, then you need to apply third party software. There are many Access database recovery programs available and they are not only effective but also very user-friendly. These programs also guarantee a successful recovery of corrupted Access database modules. These advanced repair programs ensure proper database repair, while maintaining the database and its modules integrity. Besides repairing modules, such advanced Access repair program can fix other corrupted database objects such as tables, forms, queries, etc.

Microsoft Access is quite a complex database and depending on its size and the amount of users, can be often prone to corruption. And not only large and complex objects and files can be corrupted. In order to prevent database corruption you have to use it properly and in case of damage always keep a valid backup. So, if the database gets corrupted you can retain access to the files using a valid backup. But, it is also very wise to have powerful Access repair software handy for more complicated corruption cases.

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