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Restore Backup Software – The Most Effective Way You Can Leverage To Protect Your Data

January 28, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Data Recovery/Security

The power of restore backup software has matured by leaps and strides over the past few decades, as file storage has become cheap, network capacity has become faster, and computer software has become more reliable.

In the old days the only option many companies had, to implement restore backup software was to install a backup program on your local hard drive that would launch once in twenty-four hours and take a snapshot of your PC’s local drive. It would subsequently compress this snapshot into a secure data format, which then had to be transferred onto tape drives attached to the PCs themselves.

Years later, we progressed to the use of recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs for reliable files storage.

Now fast forward to the present day and we now see that many people are able to use USB drives to quickly back up their files.

Today, we have the capacity to back up your computer’s hard drive in real-time automatically without the use of any special hardware. All you would require is a software agent and high-speed Internet access.

For a fraction of what it would have cost you generations ago, you can now back up your files online. As you edit your files, they are encrypted and transferred securely across the Internet to a remote backup facility. There is no need to schedule the backups to happen, because the client scans for changes in real-time.

Restoring your own files is also very simple. Your backup folder is mapped to your Windows Explorer as a shared drive. So you can get your files by copying and pasting them from the network share to your hard disk.

Restore backup software has surely advanced since the days of old tape drive backups.

Are you prepared in case disaster were to take place and you were to lose all of your information using restore backup software? The good news is that, there is an easy solution: You can backup your data across the Internet in real time on autopilot with restore backup software solutions.

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