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Take MS Access Training Courses.

January 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You don’t have to take advanced Access training to create simple databases with MS Access application. You can use basic knowledge for building simple database projects. But with Access VBA training you are able to create more powerful databases and make it more useful.

VBA is computer language used in all MS Office programs. If you have ever used a macro, you have applied VBA. Its power is in allowing you perform basic repetitive actions easily. Adding a programming code into your database you can add your own commands and increase the database functionality. Here are several examples of what can be done with Access VBA training.

You are able to indicate the types of fields in Access database. You can define what fields will have text, numbers, strings or dates, etc. And one of the biggest mistakes of the beginner Access users is entering telephone number into the numeric field. But, numeric field can only have data that can be used in calculations. No mathematical operations can be done with the telephone number, so it is actually a string that is made of numbers. But phone numbers often have symbols as well. User can enter dashes, spaces or parenthesis into phone numbers which could make pulling out phone numbers within certain category more complicated.

You can address this issue with Access VBA. On the Access training courses, you can find out how to add a few commands to the field of data entry to get rid of all non-numeric data and just enter the phone number in the basic format. You will be able to check if the area code matches the city or making sure there is a right amount of digits to make it a valid phone number.

It also allows you to sort records automatically. Access chooses the listing records in the order they were added. It is easy to sort these lists but often it would be much easier if these lists were sorted automatically. If you prefer your customer list to always be sorted alphabetically, you want this to happen automatically every time you open the list, instead of having to do it yourself every time.

During the Access VBA training you will learn how to tie commands to such events as form opening. You can create a subroutine and make the form to sort the customers alphabetically at every opening. You can manually sort the list by other columns, but it will always sort by last name by default.

Learning Access VBA adds efficiency to your database development and provides you with lot of tools that will help you using the database much easier and with fewer errors. The time you invest in learning will pay off by improved work productivity.

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  1. I highly recommend this. Decent database building is a must in 2010.


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