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Which Of These Computer Performance Easy Are You Ignoring?

January 29, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Hardware

These days, living without a computer is totally unacceptable. This is because the computer has integrated into our day-to-day lives, and it’s where people turn to whenever they have a problem or simple question. And since we all want our problems solved quickly, a sluggish PC just won’t do — as it simply can’t keep up with our regularly changing commands and requests. In light of that fact, the best way to get your computer to optimum performance is to familiarize yourself with some of the most effective system performance tips — And luckily for you, some of those tips are directly below.

Regular Software Updates
Rather than being infected with spyware or a virus, sometimes a computer just needs a software update. If certain applications/programs are running slower than usual or not responding as quickly as they once did, you may need to upgrade your software drivers. Software is constantly being outdated and recreated, so it isn’t unheard of that you might be using an outdated driver. Simply visit the developers website and download the latest version of your software.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Checks
Although there are many reasons why a computer might become sluggish and behave erratically, viruses and spyware are the most obvious of the culprits. By regularly running checks and having active protection, malicious software will have a very tough time trying to penetrate through your defenses. Less viruses & spyware means better overall performance.

Hard-Disk Clean Up
Every computer comes with it’s own set of performance enhancing tools — located in Program Files, Accessories, and then System Tools. Disk clean up and disk defrag will be your most used tools, as they can help clean up and get rid of all unnecessary files. These tools will help to arrange your PC’s data more effectively, allowing for drastically smoother performance. Use these tools regularly; at least weekly or bi-weekly.

Registry Cleaning
If there was a command center in your computer, this would be it. The registry is where all actions are logged and where the computer obtains the information it needs at any given moment. Unfortunately, because it is so active and is receiving information on a constant basis, errors frequently accumulate. These errors remain in the registry and continue to build & build until they are removed with registry repair software. If these errors are allowed to accumulate unwatched, severe performance issues are the inevitable result; and in some cases, permanent damage to your hardware. To prevent these errors from building up to dangerous levels, regularly run registry cleaning software.

Follow these system performance tips and you will be well on your way to 100% computer efficiency. Either that, or just let your computer fall apart — It’s up to you!
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