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Microsoft Access Is A Very Powerful Database.

January 30, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access is a very powerful database, which can help you store and manage important data for your business as well as personal purposes. MS Access is quite complex application and it might be hard for people to use it without prior training. But, even though Access database might be less complicated and may store less data than some bigger database applications, it still encounters problems. MS Access may often get damaged or corrupted due to many factors. Access database uses MDB files format and very often database users may encounter error messages when trying to open these files. Actually, these errors occur, when you are trying to open the database in the older edition or when there is a database corruption. When your database is corrupt and you are trying to open it, you may encounter error messages. That makes the data you needed inaccessible.

Such situations are common for Access database that is why you should know how to resolve them. If you want to avoid the data loss and want to prevent decreasing your job productivity, you have to learn the ways to recover your corrupted data.

There are different scenarios of getting database errors. But let’s consider the following one. You are trying to open your Access database, but the error message pops up and informs you about unrecognized database format. After you see this error message, the MDB file appears to be inaccessible. Besides that, you also get the same error message every time you try to open the database.

There are several most common reasons for this error message occurring. You can encounter this error message, when you try to open database in the older edition, while it was created in the newer version. The Access database corruption can also be the reason for this error message. Some other factors that may cause the MDB file corruption are virus infection, handling database in an improper way, corruption of the operating system or application malfunction.

In order to resolve the problem, you can do the following. You can convert the Access database to an older version. This will let you open the database in the older application edition.

If the database is corrupt, you will have to retrieve the data totally. You can use third party effective software for MDB file repair, which will extract the data from damaged database. Such Access database repair programs are able to restore your database, using powerful scanning tools in all database corruption scenarios. There are many database repair systems, helping you fix Access database problems. They are also very user friendly and easy to understand even for a person without special technical training. Make sure you have one of those Access database repair programs handy in case you need to regain access to some very important data.

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