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Microsoft Access Database Structure

February 01, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You are working with your Microsoft Access database and suddenly you decide to rename your files to make them more organized. But, after finishing the process of renaming the database files, it turns out that you cannot access your databases anymore. If you want to regain access to your database files and to fix errors as well as know why this is happening, read on.

Access database has a complex structure, which is not like common files or folders on our computers. Due to the certain code and structure of the database, even the smallest change in its structure and integrity can damage the database. Files in Access database contain tables and other data used in the database as well as different information that helps front end part of database to store and show data in a specific form. If you have some damaged Access databases or files and you encounter errors, you have to take care of those immediately, because they might lead to permanent data loss.

Even though there are many ways you can repair your Access database manually, there is still a risk of corrupting the data in case of the slightest mistake. If you are not a very skilled Access database user, you shouldn’t put the files under risk and consider utilizing a special tool like powerful Access repair software, which will repair your MDB files and fix other MS Access problems without harming the database structure and integrity. But if you are pretty confident about your Access skills, you can try and repair the database manually using the following steps.

Open Microsoft Access database and select Options in the Tools menu. Then, after making sure you are on the General tab, you have to choose Track Name Auto Correct. This will let MS Access to preserve all the data it needs for having a better database unity after an MDB file is renamed. Besides the previous step, you can also track all name changes by checking Log Name and Perform Name Auto Correct changes.

But the even the above steps do not guarantee you to fix the MDB files. In case this option fails and you still encounter errors while trying to run the database or open certain files, you should get a professional Access repair database program that will help you easily and effectively restore your MDB files. There are many products like that you can find online. Getting a good piece of software that effectively repairs your Access database and fixes other problems with MDB files. Having such a useful tool on hand will give you a peace of mind, because even if you get a problem with your Access database, you will always be able to fix it and regain access to your important data.

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