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Microsoft Access Database Structure

February 02, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access database has several objects such as table, form, query and report. And when we create MS Access table, all information we enter into the table will be stored in columns or fields. Field is a part of the table, which cannot be made without it. Up to 255 fields can be stored in the table, even though it is recommended to have a smaller amount. The more fields you create in the table, the more information will be stored and the bigger the table will get. Smaller amount of data and fields leads to better database performance, while bigger files can lead to database corruption.

Fields have different data types and when you create Access fields, it is important to select the right data type. It is possible to store a price as a text data type, of course. But it would be better to store it as a numeric data type. It might lead to a lot of problems and confusions, if you need to perform calculations with the data, but it is stored in text data type.

Text data type field can hold text or a text and numbers combination. It can hold such data as post code and telephone number as well.

Memo data type is great for storing large texts. There are times, when you need to add long descriptions or notes to your database. This is when you would use memo data type

There is also number data type, which is used for entering numeric information like monetary amounts or unit price. Actually, any data type, which can be used in calculations, should be stored in number data type field.

The date/time data type field is perfect for storing dates and time and years from 100 till 9999.

Fields with currency data type are used to store values used in calculations that have one to four decimals. You can also add a currency symbol next to the value.

Autonumber field increments by one every time you add a new record. This field data type is good for storing unique record identifier or primary key.

Yes/No field data type is used to store true or false values. You can only store one of two values in this field.

OLE objects data type field are used to store objects that are embedded in Access table as images, Word documents, sounds or Excel spreadsheets.

In hyperlink field you can store hyperlink web address that is used to link to website or Access object such as a report or form.

You can also use MS Access fields as controls in forms, which can be very useful for performing different tasks. It is worth spending some time to define the right data type for your MS Access field, when you design your database, because it may save you time and some database problems in future.

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