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Microsoft Access Will Satisfy Your Business Needs

February 04, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Office suite has many useful programs for our business or personal use. There is Word, Excel, Outlook and others, which help us in our work or study. Each application in Microsoft Office suite has its own file format. So, MS Word has a doc file format and Excel application has xls file format. There is one more useful application in Microsoft Office, which is Microsoft Access. This application is very popular among people, who create database to hold a lot of valuable data for their work or personal purposes. This relational database is quite complex and most people need special training before using it. Access uses MDB file format. MDB file format refers to Access database objects such as tables, queries, forms and reports.

When MS Access application first was created, it made a revolution by the fact that all the objects could be stored in one single file. Older database systems needed many files to store different objects.

Sometimes, MS Access MDB files suffer from database corruption and instability. Database corruption makes your files inaccessible and can seriously slow down your work performance. Access database corruption can happen for many reasons. User might switch off the computer following improper shut down process, which can cause database file corruption. Usually, you can repair your corrupted database using the compact and repair option available in MS Access. But, if this option of database repair fails, a valid back up taken before can solve the problem.

Another Access database problem has been the size of objects and the data stored in them. The more data is stored in the file and the bigger it gets, the more chances there is for database being unstable.

If you don’t overload your database with data and take regular data back ups, your Access database should be fine. If your Access database is used by a lot of people, it is advised to have two database files to reduce the risk of corruption. In one database file you will store all objects like forms, queries, reports etc, which would be kept at every user work place. Another database file will sit on the network and will contain only tables. Each user will be able to connect the individual database stored on workstation to the database on the network. This will greatly reduce the risk of damaging and corrupting your database as well as prevent the loss of important information.

Earlier versions of Access database up till the 2003 edition used MDB files and the latest Access edition, which is Access 2007, started using accdb file format. This allows database to support more complex data involving attachments. Using MS Access is beneficial for your company and if you use it right, you will be able to prevent database corruption or solve any problems effectively.

The world of computers and computer applications expands all the time. But you can turn this problem into your advantage by catching up with this knowledge and becoming a pro, for example in microsoft access database sphere.

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