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Info About IPaD Applet Intro

February 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The long-awaited iPaD Apple tablet has finally been revealed. Steve Jobs unveiled off January 27 in a morning of tension for fans of Apple and technology in the world. Now, with the specifications and information there is the time to view the iPaD and potential.

Firstly, the design is spectacular. The front is dominated by the large 9.7 “display with LED-backlit LCD, which no doubt will be great. Just below the screen you get the iPhone home button brings you back to the top every time . A feature is less beautiful to me a black border around the screen. They were a bit ‘too wide for my taste, it would be better if Apple could stretch a little “and remove the limits of visualization. At the top, you get the sleep button, which disables the screen. On the right you get the volume control and mute switch, what is interesting is that the buttons have been moved to the left (iPhone) on the right. On the back you get a black Big Apple logo in the middle of the gray (aluminum?) Mass. iPad is also called back the number of GBS, the FCC and certain things must be there, I think. It is impossible to think that the new iPhone will receive the same. Tablet really thin, it’s actually only 0.5 cm thick was often the iPhone. height and width running: 9.6 inches and 7.47 inches.

Now, we talk about software from IPAD. Works very similar to the iPhone. Move the slider to open and you are in the main screen of the iPhone with icons typical. Makes: YouTube contacts, Mail, Safari, iPod, iTunes, application, videos, settings, map (with Google!), Calendar, photos, and last, but not a record.

The application has been amended slightly, despite the new features. For example, the current image set from the block. Knocking block displays a thumbnail picture of the event (or cards for Windows users). But it is also possible to see the treasured memories to list, location, face or date. One can imagine that it would look really great for manipulating images on a large touch screen and show your friends.

Another application Steve Jobs showed off is the Safari application. Browsing experience beyond the desktop experience, because you can touch and turn the pages. And unlike the iPhone, which now sees the completed web pages.

App Store will make this device in the things that Apple has never met. You can run all applications on the iPhone is full screen or 1:1, the latter is the actual resolution at which we are accustomed to favorite smartphones. But in addition to running iPhone applications, who will also receive applications iPad. Developers can create programs for it and use its full potential. The things we see in Keynote, including software from EA, it seems ok, but not too impressive. In a slow month, some incredible pieces of code that will be absent for a tablet to believe us.

I have taken everything into consideration, and some things bug me as a gift. Firstly, if iPad have Flash support? These tablets will give you the best navigation experience ever, but the flash is an important part of this experience.

Another thing is the hardware. Apart from the touch screen is not the case and things look good on paper. It has a processor clocked at 1 GHz quadcore is built on Apple, the company specializes in the chip. I fear that this A4 processor might not be fast enough for applications that really interesting. Another Downer is no iSight. And “certainly remarkable for a conference or instant messaging, a lost opportunity there. Other system hardware is a mystery. As the speed of the graphics chip? And the memory of a system should work?

And, last but not least, I can give my software Two thumbs up. I think it looks like the iPhone software. IPAD is a product that is stronger if left to some sophisticated software, such as video editing or the ability to access and store files in the Finder window (or map a Windows user).

End. IPAD is unbelievable and the price was € 499 will sell very well. But as the launch of the first iPhone iPad clearly has some weaknesses. This is not really fast, does not have a webcam and, especially, under the software for calculating the premium. To say that I can still get one if the experience is amazing how Steve Jobs revealed during the presentation. Apple knows what could happen.

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