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Analysis Of Apple IPhone Cases In The Market

February 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

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The Apple iPhone has taken the cell phone industry by storm. It is not simply a cell phone, but also a mini computing and entertainment device. With the Apple iPhone, you can answer calls, listen to music, watch videos, play games, surf the web and more. Ultimately, iPhone is not merely a phone. It is a lifestyle by itself, one which represents freedom, and style.

The Apple iPhone is a beauty by itself. But that does not stop users have purchased different accessories, trying to personalize the iPhone such that it reflects the individuals’ style and taste. These accessories include the iPhone case, the screen protectors, external battery packs, earphones, dock stations etc. Among them, the most basic of these are the iPhone case. This article will focus on the common type of iPhone case and their features. This is not a sales pitch for any brand, but an analysis of the commonly available cases around, their strengths and weaknesses.

Apple iPhone cases can generally be classified into four different categories – the iPhone skin, soft case, the hard cases, flip cases and pouches.

The iPhone skin is generally the thinnest of all. It involves a thin layer of protective skin that wraps around the Apple iPhone to protect it from dirt. The quality of the skin depends on the kind of material used. Some may just be for aesthetic purpose while some (like Zagg Invisible Shield) offers great protection against scratches. Of course, the price tag can range from widely as well, depending on the quality. Generally, the iPhone skin adds the least bulk to your iPhone and is effective against most scratches (especially for Zagg’s Invisible Shield). However, it offers little protection against knocks and impact, which may hurt the internal mechanism of the iPhone device.

Soft cases, as the name suggests refers to the iPhone case which are soft or flexible in nature. These cases include the silicone and polymer cases. The quality (as well as prices) of these cases can vary widely. The type of design for silicone and polymer cases can be very different as well. In addition to the different design, silicone cases also seek to differentiate itself by varying the texture of the case. It can come with different textures as well. In general, these soft cases add some amount of bulk (depending on how thick the material is) to the iPhone, but offer the best in terms of knocks and impacts. This is due to the compressible nature of the material which helps to cushion some of the impact when you accidentally knock your iPhone. Soft cases are also effective against scratches. Some fine examples of such soft cases include the Incipio dermaSHOT and Silicrylic series, HEX from MORE, XSKN EXO etc.

Hard cases are usually made of hard polycarbonate material (plastic) or synthetic leather. Hard cases give the best protection against scratches. However, it may not offer as much protection against impacts and drops. On the other hand, some hard cases are lined with soft or shock absorbing lining which can help to cushion the impacts and hence offers the best of both worlds. However, these cases can be relatively expensive as well. Examples of hard cases include iSkin fuze, revo2, Griffin Wave, Griffin Reflect, Griffin iClear, Griffin Nu Form, Metallic Series (Noel, Eternity, and Engraved collections), TwineLite, Twine, Shocking Series from MORE etc. In general, hard cases are more varied in nature as manufacturers can change the design as well as the materials used.

Flip cases are cases which have a front flip portion which helps to cover the screen of the iPhone when not in use. This helps to protect the screen of the iPhone so as to minimize the possibility of getting scratched. Most flip cases are made of leather or synthetic leather to give it the classy look. Hence this is very popular among the executives. However, this also adds the most bulk as well. Another thing to note for the flip case is that it offers good protection against knocks and impact, but little against dirt. This is mainly due to the exposed sides of the case. Examples of flip cases include Opt Amor.

Lastly, pouches are also a great accessory for iPhone. Pouches will cover most of the iPhone and protect it from scratches and dirt. Depending on the thickness of the pouch, it can be effective against most impacts. Most pouches are made of leather and synthetic leather and are very popular among the ladies who are used to keep their iPhones in their handbags together with other stuffs. Keeping iPhones in the same compartment with other items (such as coins and keys) may scratch their iPhones easily. Hence, pouches will come in useful for these users. Popular pouches include Incipio ORION, Vintage and Buffalo collection from MORE etc.

There are strengths and weakness for all cases. Depending on your usage patterns, what is best for one may not be best for the other. For example, executives would like to portray a classy look and may select the flip case. Ladies may like pouches as they often keep their iPhones in their bags rather than carrying it in their hands (even so, pouches can look great in hands too). Personally, I feel that a good iPhone case should not only protect your beloved iPhone, but also serve to match your style and your mood. It may be a good idea to have a few cases on hand and change according to your needs and dressing. For example, a flip case may be great for formal occasion but will look out of place when you are attending a sports or causal event. A casual looking hard case such as iSkin revo2 may be more appropriate. After all, iPhone is not merely a cell phone, but an icon of style, fashion and taste.

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