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HP IPaD Tips Hot!

February 13, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Apple finally unveiled their eReaders version. Apple iPad is not so simple, as most electronic readers on the market. Is really more of a mini-tablet computer for anything else. There was much speculation on the release of Apple, with much exaggeration. For months we have been able to say that there is also iPad, until January 28, 2010, when he revealed.

An iPad not for sale. This does not seem to be sold until April. Not be used by the general public that the device does not store the ability of the sample. The question is iPad eReaders end of the road may seem too early, but we must consider what we already know.

What we know is that the IPAD resembles a very large version of the iPod Touch. Has a retro aluminum design with a half-inch thick and 10 inches. The screen is surrounded by a black border. This standard has housings / iPhone iPod connector with a button down. Apple iPad introduced two levels of memory. There were 16 performances, 64 concerts and memory. 64 GB of memory to offer Wi-Fi and 3G cellular. AT & T provides 3G connectivity for $ 15 per month for 250MB or $ 30 for unlimited data transfer. There is no contract with AT & T for that. You just need to cancel service at any time.

Apple iPad is $ 499 for the version shows 16 and $ 830 for 64 gigs version. Ipad with consumers will be able to surf the Internet, read emails, send emails and read eBooks. You can also use Skype via iPad for mobile phone calls, even though it may seem a bit “strange.

As an electronic reader, which is more important, of course give iPad. This was a good size screen as the Kindle. It also offers color and requires no external lighting. Unfortunately, the price of electronic books are $ 10 for a best-seller is not possible, but you still have some books at low prices to download. Battery life is 10 hours, unless you just read a book with the eReader software is available on the IPAD.

One thing to consider about Apple iPad eReader and as a good investment is a memory. Most eReaders currently working with 16-64 GB of memory. The same thing with IPAD offers more choice, so they actually support the memory of books? If you can not download e-books in 3500 only 64 performances with Kindle does not seem to multi-use iPad offers enough memory to perform all the tasks he wanted to meet, besides the high cost. So this is not the end of eReaders.

HP iPad OS is used same like other product Apple that’s called iPhone.HP Tablet display screen is about 0,3 inch larger from HP iPad screen, although the other specifications and resolutions remain unknown. And one of problems from HP iPad is from screen ratio, which 4:3 and video ration 16:9, so this can be a problem.

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