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Microsoft Access Training Courses

February 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

We can learn a lot of useful information about Microsoft Access at most training courses. We might learn how to use the database, but many courses don’t pay enough attention to the problem of database corruption. And if you plan on using Access in a multi-user environment, you should clearly understand how to solve database corruption problems. One of the best ways to avoid Access database corruption is keeping your environment stable.

One of the rules is to avoid using wireless networks. If you use your Access database for running simple queries without actually changing the information, bad network connection wouldn’t be a big problem. Its work might be a little slower, but you will not encounter real problems with the database itself. But if the users enter or change data in the database, a bad or dropped connection at the wrong time can lead to tables’ corruption. That is why it is important to avoid using wireless connections for the users, who plan on writing to the database. Wi-Fi networks can be interfered from different sources, which cannot be controlled by network administrators, and even if these networks are 99% reliable, a database failure can happen from that 1%.

If you need to use wireless connection in your office for some reason, try to limit the number or wireless database users and reduce outside interference. Typical internet connections have their own problems. And even though they are more reliable than wireless connection, a defective cable or switch can cause communication problems, which will not harm web surfing or email, but if these problems occur during entering data in Access database, it can lead to database damage, which are hard to repair.

Of course, such skills as network maintenance are not taught at Microsoft Access courses. That is why most database administrators depend on staff that maintains network for ensuring good system performance. But, database administrators can also locate the database problem, if they see that a particular user is the source of database corruption. Even a momentary loss of power can cause user’s computer to shut down improper and in case this happens during some Access operation, the database can get corrupted or even lost. That is why using UPS systems are mandatory for every Access database user, because these systems will provide enough power for the computer to work for a few minutes in case of power failure. If you notice a serious power blackout, you will be able to shut down the system properly without damaging your Access database. If the power problem if minor, you will not even notice anything, because it switches over very fast. You Access database will experience much less problems, if your network and database administrators work together on creating a reliable computing environment.

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