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Recycle Your Old Mobile In Return For Money

February 16, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

Recycle your Old Mobile in Return for Money. Sound interesting isn’t it? Many people are not aware of this opportunity of making money by selling your old mobile phones. This old mobile phones can be either working or non-working. Both are welcome in the market. Although you will get half price for the non-working mobile phones compared to the working mobile phone. So sell those mobile to make money. It’s called recycling mobile phone for money. In this way, you can earn money from your unused old mobile phones.

We know lots of people have tendency to switch to new mobile. Many rich people have made a passion of trying new mobile each time they get a chance. People with limited budget too try at least few models. So in this process, they left their old unused mobile phones in their room. They just take a space cluttering the place. It’s better to get rid of them thus helping the environment. You shouldn’t throw away. You can gift to someone if you like otherwise recycle your old mobile in return for money.

Where and how to recycle the mobile phone? You can recycle the old mobile phone on some existing shops in your locality if they accept. Sometimes some companies offer an old mobile exchange offer with a new one. That’s the opportunity which you should look at. Otherwise, there is a place where you are always welcome. The place I am talking about is the company who deals in trading old mobile phones for money. There are lots of such companies in the internet. You just need to search like “sell mobile”, you will get a lots of relevant sites with detailed instruction. So here’s how the mobile selling for money works:-

At the website, you will be provided a search box. You will have to enter the model of your mobile phone.

The results of search will display a mobile with price range from different companies. Choose the best offer offered by the company and visit the company website.
At the company website, fill the details as they will send you an email with detailed instruction of sending the mobile to their company office.
Once they get the mobile, you will get the payment in the form of cheque within few days. Some companies even support PayPal as their payment method. Many people engage in online business will find this one very attractive.

Following above simple steps will allow you to sell your old mobile for some cash. It will also help you in three steps.
1. You can earn money from your old mobile phones.
2. You will help the environment,
3. You will create a free space in your room.

Next time, don’t throw away your old mobile phones, recycle them for money.

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