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Microsoft Access Database Is The Best For Storing Your Business Data.

February 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database system. It is quite powerful and gives you the possibility to manipulate with large amounts of data and it is easier to work with than other more complex database applications. But, even though it is easier to work with, a person new to Access will require a certain level of Access database training. You can definitely try to work with Access 2007 even if you have a little knowledge about database creation, because there is a special wizard that will help you build simple database objects. There are wizards for every Access database objects, such as a form wizard.

MS Access form wizard will help you create customized forms by stepping you through the whole process. Such customized forms are more useful than basic default forms offered by the program. If you need to start the form wizard, you should first select the table or query you wish to use for your form. Then click Create, then Forms and More Forms. After following these steps you will see the first dialogue box of the wizard. The selected table or query will be seen in the list Tables/Queries. If you want to change your selection and choose another table or query, you can find the correct object in this list and choose that one instead.

Then you should choose all the fields you want to use in your form. Highlight each field you want from the Available fields list and then click the button with an arrow. This will make all selected fields move to the box to the right. If you want to move all your selected fields to the form instead, click on the button with two arrows. After you are done with selecting all desired fields, you can click the Next button.

Now you have to select the form’s layout. You have a choice of tabular, columnar, datasheet or justified form view. If you choose columnar layout, it will show one record at a time. In a tabular form layout, you will see multiple records in rows and fields in columns. If you choose the datasheet layout, you will be provided with a default datasheet. And in justified form view, field names will be shown above controls. After you have selected your form layout, go ahead and click Next button.

Choose a form style. Click Next. Then you should enter your form’s name and click Next. Now you can start entering information or choose Modify Form’s Design. This command will open form in design view. When you are done you can click Finish.

This is how you can create forms in Access as well as many other objects in Microsoft Access database with the help of wizard.

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