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Microsoft Access Is A Very Powerful Application

February 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

There are different objects in Microsoft Access database application and one of them is form. Forms are screens in Access, used for entering or displaying information stored in tables or used in queries. Forms can be made for reading information only, but usually they are used for typing the information in. even though there are many types of forms available now, two form types are more commonly used. They are the main form and sub form.

Only after you design your database and build relationships between tables, you can create forms. It is typical for main and sub form to model what is called one to many relationships. The main form would be responsible for one side of relationships and the sub form takes on the other sides of those relationships. For example, imagine that a customer has many orders. So, the main form would display one record of this customer and the sub form would show all the orders this customer has.

When sub forms are created in MS Access, it is typical to display them in grid format in order to show multiple records. This way it could display order 1, order2, etc. The sub form and the main form have to be linked, which is performed via primary key of the main form table and the foreign key of the sub form table. If you right click on the sub form, you will be able to see its properties such as link child and link master. The primary key will be shown in the link master and the foreign key will be at the link child property.

It is important to create relationships between tables correctly. Incorrect relationship will lead to bad functioning of the main and sub form.

You can also build multiple sub forms in Access, which are linked together, but it might get tricky. It is worth saying that deleting a record in the sub form will not change the record in the main form, if referential integrity has been enforced as well as cascading delete. But the reverse is not going to happen, so if removing record in the main form it will delete all related data in the sub form. It makes sense, because you don’t want to have any recorded orders, which have no linked customers to them. But, on the opposite, you might have a customer with no orders’ records.

MS Access sub forms are very useful for your database organization, because it helps you to show multiple records stored in the system. In the latest editions of Microsoft Access database, you can even make the color of the grid lines different, which will give your sub forms more professional look.

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