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Microsoft Access Training Courses

February 21, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If you work in a company, where you need to handle a lot of data, you should consider Microsoft Access training. MS Access is a powerful application for managing large amounts of data stored in tables, but many people prefer using Excel for the same tasks. This article discovers the reasons to apply Access versus Excel for the purposes of managing your data and will also provide you with the information about the main advantages of both applications.

Microsoft Access database is commonly suited for data and tasks that are repeated like your business payments and tracking orders. If you will be having multiple cases of the same transaction, then it would make sense to manage your data with MS Access program. You can consider the following example. If one customer orders a certain product from your company every month, in Excel, you would have to repeat the customer’s information in each record about the order. But if you are applying Access, the information about this customer will be stored in a separate table, so when you make a record about each order, all you need to enter is customer’s ID number. And when the time comes to do reporting or check the sales for a certain region, you can use queries to add this information for that customer without the necessity for entering this information into the table of orders.

Using Microsoft Access also gives you more control over the data entering process compared to Excel. Access is often utilized in multi-user environment and this application allows you to reduce or minimize the chances of database corruption and occurring errors. You can create a data entry form, which allows you to control the fields the users will have access to. This way you can protect the parts of your database, which could be easily damaged by incorrect data entry.

But, there are certainly reasons to use MS Excel for managing your data. Excel has its own advantages. If you need to store a lot of financial data that requires a lot of calculations and analysis, then you might consider using Excel. Excel is also great for such purposes as future budgeting and strategic decisions making, because it allows more robust predictions and modeling. You might also discover that not everybody in the company is comfortable with using the Access database or that you have to give out multiple file templates to many users. Here, Excel also offers more flexibility.

The most important thing here is to know what your requirements and important tasks are, before you choose the database application and the computer training. You should find the application, which meets the needs of your company. And, while Excel is good for many data managing tasks, Microsoft Access is also a great tool, which might do a much better job at handling your data.

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