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Microsoft Access Is A Very Powerful Application.

February 22, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access is a very popular and powerful database application. Many people like it for its functionality and flexibility. Users can manage large amounts of data, saving time and without having to duplicate data. Another benefit of Microsoft Access is its ability to link to other Microsoft Office applications, which can give you more control and add functionality. It might be useful for your work performance to link your Access database to an Excel spreadsheet, for example. If you want to do this, here is how you can perform it.

To get started, click on the main database window and choose the Link Tables option. You can do it another way by going to the file menu and choose Get External Data and then Link Tables. After doing the above steps, you can choose your spreadsheet. Access will ask you which worksheet you would like to select, if there are several worksheets in the Excel spreadsheet. Then you will also have to select the range you want and click Next after you are done making all the selections.

Then, Access will ask you whether you want the Access table headings be the same as spreadsheet headings. If you want the headings to be the same, then you should check the appropriate box and click the Next button.

The next step would be figuring out the name you want to give to your linked table. When you named the table, click the Finish button.

When you click on the main window of the database and select “tables”, you will be able to see your table linked to the spreadsheet. This table will have the Excel icon. If you want to view the table, double click on the icon. You can go ahead and try to change some data in the table. Even if you still have your Excel spreadsheet open, you will notice that when you change the data in the table, the spreadsheet data gets updated also. Another great thing of this Access function is that you can create queries or forms around this linked Access table and have all the data updated in the spreadsheet. You can also graph the data.

There is an option, when you don’t what to link the table to the spreadsheet, but wish to keep all the data stored in the spreadsheet and create a separate table with it. You can do it easily with running make table query.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of Microsoft Access power and it ability to link to Excel spreadsheet. It is only one of the benefits of Access database. You can also link your Access database to other applications like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and others. Microsoft Access allows you to perform tasks like this easily.

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