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Basic Microsoft Access Data Entry Knowledge

February 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If you work in a company that needs to manage a lot of data without spending a lot of time and money, you might use Microsoft Access database for this and Access training will show you how to do this. Besides, you might already have this software on your computer. In order to have a full control over your database, you might need a more advanced Microsoft Access course, but a quick course will also give you a basic functional control over the Access database and get it up and running in a short time.

Information management is a very important foundation of any business. After quick Access training you will be able to use in-built Access wizard for creating smart but simple databases to manage your companies’ data.

In order to get started you should open MS Access and create a new document clicking on the appropriate icon on the toolbar. Then choose the inventory control template, by clicking on my computer under the templates on the left toolbar.

After you see a dialogue box named File New Database, you will be able to name your database. You can choose the folder, give a name to your database and click Create. When you see the first frame of the wizard, click next. On the second screen you will be able to see the list of eight tables, which will be included in your database such as Company information, Product information, Purchase order information, Information about inventory buying and selling, Categories, Shipping methods, Information about employees and Suppliers.

Take your time to highlight each table and look through different fields in every category. In this example, you will be creating a database, which includes all the above tables and fields. After you select the tables, click next. Now you can design the look of your database. Look through the different options on the left, select what you like and click next.

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Access database is the ability to create reports from the data you store in the database. In the next wizard frame you will be able to choose how your reports look. You can look through the available options, choose what you like and then click finish. Then you will be asked to enter your contact information and your company’s name. Enter the necessary information and close the dialogue box.

If you have followed the above steps, you have created a functional database. It takes only 8 steps and if it is your first time using MS Access database, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use it compared to other programs. Many people are intimidated by Access, but as soon as you start using it, you will see it is actually quite simple.

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