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Microsoft Access Database Corruption

February 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

The smallest storage area in MS Access database is a page. All changes performed in Access database should be done by temporarily locking all the database pages. Locking the pages will help avoid corruption, because all the users might not be able to modify the data at the same time. But if the pages stay unlocked, the high risk of database corruption remains. The best method to solve any type of database corruption in Access is to use valid backup to restore all the files. But if the updated backup is not available or the backup cannot restore the necessary data, then you will have to use a third party advanced Access repair software, which can completely restore your corrupted database.

In case of database corruption you may encounter any of these error messages, when you try to open your Access database. The error message may inform you that the disk space is not enough or that there is not enough memory to undo the data modifications the query is about to make. Each time you try to access your data you see the same error message. It can severely decrease your work productivity, because all the data in your database becomes inaccessible.

There are several reasons why this may happen to your database. And the main cause is the exceeding the amount of locks per database. The above mentioned error messages pop up mostly while turning on large databases. If you want to prevent such errors from happening, you should increase the decimal value with 9500 set as default in Value Data field.

In order to resolve the above problem and get access to all database files, you will have to make some alterations in Windows Registry. But if you make the smallest mistake while adding changes to the registry can lead to serious problems. In order to prevent all these problems and gain access to the database, you will have to use powerful Access repair software. Such advanced repair utilities apply scanning algorithms, which recover all MS Access database objects. Such utilities can also completely repair and restore all Access databases you cannot get access to. These repair utilities are also built with an interactive and very user-friendly interface, what makes them easy to understand and use for everyone, even without special prior training. You can find such programs for every MS Access database versions and for most operational systems.

The power and flexibility of Access database makes it prone to have different problems and damages. Database corruption may cost you a lot of time and even lead to important data loss. So, it is crucial to have one of these advanced Access repair utilities, especially if you have a large database.

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