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Microsoft Access Database Functions.

February 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

After you have been using Microsoft Access database for a while and master all of its basic functions, you can move on to using some of its more advanced tools. If you want to use Access database more effectively, you can apply VBA code for automating your applications.

You are able to create customized desktop applications with VBA code, including some programming tools for quick development. Database developers can create very robust programs without paying anything but the time. You can activate your MS Access application in many ways by using code. Here are the three ways you make your Access database more effective.

The first way to improve the application is retrieving data. Instead of always creating new table or query for retrieving data, you can set the program to create temporary tables and queries, which can be deleted afterwards. This is great because it will keep the number of objects in the database restricted.

The second way to improve your database with VBA code concerns inserting data in forms. In order to make sure your information is reliable, the data stored in your database should be consistent. This is important for making the right decisions. You will be able to restrict entering data directly into the table to all users and allow them to use only forms for this purpose. Every user can open a form and enter the needed data. After the user enters the information then the application does its job. It will test if the information is correct and if it fits the certain criteria, before the data is inserted in the database. If the data is incorrect, the application will prevent entering the data into the database.

And the third way to improve the work of your Access database with VBA code is creating reports. If you create your reports manually, it will take a lot more of your time and will reduce your productivity. But if you are using code, you only have to build a few reports and then their content and design will adapt automatically with the users’ needs.

If you are able to automate your Access database, you will easily maintain and update your database. It will also give you more time for performing other tasks. But if you want to use code in your Access database, you have to understand how different VBA components work together. Learning VBA code for Access database happens in an advanced Microsoft Access training. Before taking such courses you have to make sure you master all the Access database basics and know how to use other Access objects. You can surely create effective databases without advanced Access training, but if you know VBA code and use it for creating your databases, you will see it makes your work much more productive and effective.

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