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Microsoft Access Database Functions And Objects.

February 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

You already might be using Microsoft Access database for storing your personal or business data. You have already mastered all the basic Access objects like tables, forms, queries and reports and you can create simple databases. Maybe it is the time to get your database application to another level and take advanced Access training, where you can learn Access database VBA programming and apply it to your database to make it more productive and efficient. Not many people are satisfied with their database if not much automation is added to it. Most of database users soon realize that it needs more. So, if you think so too, it might be time to write a VBA code.

Not all things performed in your database should be done via code. There are many built-in commands in Access database, which can help make your application more automatic without writing a code. Beginners usually start with creating macros, which is a series of commands allowing us to perform different tasks. You can attach a macro to a form’s command button and when you click on it, the task is executed. Macros can be used for different tasks, but even though they are acceptable and recommended for many situations, the VBA code has some benefits over macro.

The first advantage is speed. A simple one-action macro will work faster than a code. But if the macro is complex and has to execute 10 or 12 actions, it will take much longer for it to work than the equivalent VBA code. You have to take speed into account when you are designing databases for other people to use, because when users see the hourglass for a long time, they will think that your program is slow.

VBA code also ads functionality to your database. Macro has a limited number of functions, when VBA code has much more. The main VBA code action is the possibility to link to other applications. With VBA code you can view data from your database in Word, or you can send an email to your customer from your database using Outlook automatically. These are some great and time saving functions to have in your database.

You also have more control with VBA code. When you apply macro, you can only let the tasks to be performed. But if you use VBA code, you can control each step of the task. Macros cannot also run different set of tasks for each user, but VBA code can allow this easily.

A good database developer knows when to let MS Access do its job and when to write a code to help it. And like with other things in our life, experience is what really matters.

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