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Microsoft Access Database Errors And Basic Problems

March 02, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Any software can have problems from time to time. And it is not rare to have problem for Microsoft Access either. The MS Access database gets corrupted, damaged or some files become inaccessible due to different reasons. And one of the most frequent reasons for MS Access database inaccessibility is a damaged or improper MS Access 2003 installation. Wrong program installation can also lead to improper registry settings, missing or corrupted DLLs, which stands for Dynamic Link Library files. In order to solve this problem, the best way to restore the inaccessible data is from a valid backup file. But if an updated backup is not available or it fails to restore the needed data, then you should rely on a powerful Access database repair program, which can repair your lost data.

Let’s consider the following example, when you are trying to run your Access 2003 database, but you see some issues like you database doesn’t mount, or it makes some files inaccessible, or the data is not displayed correctly. You can also encounter an error message, which doesn’t allow you to access your data.

The main reason for such database behavior might be the damaged MS Access 2003 installation. In order to solve the above issues, you should stick to the following measures. There are certain methods you can use to repair your Access 2003 installation.

First, you should start the Access 2003. Then, click Detect and Repair in the Help menu option. When you are prompted by the system, insert the MS Office 2003 CD. If you are not prompted, then you should install Access 2003 edition from the network. Now you have to follow the instructions until the database repair gets finished. Now all you have to do is exit Access and then start it again.

Now you want to confirm that the problem has been solved. So, you should perform all actions, which have previously caused serious problems. But, if even after performing the above actions, you still encounter previous Access database behavior, then you will have to use advanced Access repair software in order to recover your data completely. Such advanced Access recovery utilities use the latest scanning algorithms in order to repair damaged Access databases. Such Access recovery utilities are created by qualified database experts, which is why the programs are easy to understand and use for anyone, even without prior technical skills. Such Access repair tools are able to provide complete Access database files restoration, including mdb and accdb files. Having such advanced MS Access database recovery tool is definitely beneficial for you, especially if you often work with a database and the performance of your company depends on the information stored in the Access database.

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