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Microsoft Access Database Functions And Objects

March 02, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access database has many tools and objects for performing different tasks. One of the main objects in Access database is a table. Access tables are used to hold data. Each table is made up of columns, which can be also called fields or attributes. Each of the fields has a particular data type defining the information it can store. So, if you need to enter numeric information like prices, you should use number or currency data type fields. If you need to enter first or last name, the best data type field would be the text one. A memo data type is an alternative to a text data type field. MS Access memo field is used to store text, but the difference with the text data type is that it can store a lot more text than the general field.

There are certain times when we should use memo data type fields. They are best used in cases when we have to enter notes or description. Sometimes we need to store a lot of data about a transaction or one of the customers and that is when we would use memo data type.

Usually, when we use form, we would make the size of the memo text box bigger and set its main property to New line in field, which will allow us to prevent the data bunching together in one long paragraph. But you should keep in mind that we cannot index or sort MS Access memo fields. These fields also have limitations when used in queries. But you would actually avoid using memo fields in queries that is why it is not a big issue.

If you use MS Access 2007, you can apply rich text formatting in the memo field both in form as well as datasheet views. In order to perform this, you should set the text format feature of the memo field for it to become Rich Text.

You always have to make sure that you use the correct data types in your database. Very often this aspect is discovered through the trial and error experience, but a proper planning can greatly improve your Access database performance. This is also one of the aspects learned during the Microsoft Access training, which is highly recommended to take for every Access user before creating a database. Proper Access database learning can give you more confidence in using the software and also let you prevent many database development mistakes, therefore, saving a lot of time for you. Microsoft Access is complex software and even though it provides a great level of flexibility, database users still have to follow rules for the application to work properly and prevent data loss.

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