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Recommended Business Collaboration Software

March 02, 2010 By: Rob Stretch Category: Software

Your small business is growing, and you need to collaborate with clients and coworkers on a daily, if not hourly basis.  But often, the cost of an inclusive enterprise software package can be a budget stretcher, if not downright cost prohibitive.  However, business collaboration software has come a long way in the past five years and, with little investment on your part, you and your company can be well on the way to organized, effective communication.  Here’s a look at a few standouts in the world of business collaboration software.

  • BaseCamp: BaseCamp, developed by 37Signals, keeps it simple with one central dashboard that enables users to see, at a glance, tasks due that day and other pertinent bits of information.  Also impressive is a feature which allows the owner of a company to choose information to share with people outside the company, like clients.  Customers can track your progress without having access to sensitive data or private details.  Basecamp also allows you and your users to not only interface via computer but also by iPhone and other interactive devices.
  • OfficeMedium: Another great business collaboration software tool, OfficeMedium is simple and elegant in its design.  The centralized dashboard features a calendar, a list of upcoming deadlines and projects, and even a status update area where, in a nod to social networking software, users are able to enter information about their whereabouts and current projects to keep others abreast of their activities.  Like BaseCamp, OfficeMedium also features a limited access client log in screen where customers can get status updates without having full access to your information.
  • SocialText: Business collaboration and networking combined, SocialText features the ability to find colleague’s contact information and network with other users who share your interest and expertise.  The program provides a series of workspaces so that you and your coworkers can coordinate and organize information.  These workspaces are, by default, private so that you can organize and collaborate with your fellow users without creating clutter for the other members of your organization.  The SocialText dashboard features an alert feed, applications, and links to relevant data as well as a variety of helpful widgets to make the work experience that much easier for everyone involved.

Any way you look at it, business collaboration software is an important and increasingly critical aspect of your company’s day to day operations.  There are a wide variety of collaborative software tools for every business, and a business owner need only to choose one to begin reaping the benefits of better communication and organization for his or her company.

About the Author: Rob Stretch works for VA Mortgage, coordinating social media projects and link building. Follow him on Twitter @robstretch.

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