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The Simple Way To Update A Driver And Optimize Your PC’s Performance

March 02, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Hardware

If you use to have lots of hardware – from printers to cameras, to scanners that you connect to your laptop and now they seem to not be working normally, you may need to update your drivers. Sometimes, when your laptop runs slow, your drivers may just need updating to keep up with the advancing demands of hardware these days.

To learn The Best Method to update a driver, you must first know what is a driver and how you can update it. With the many terms and jargons used in the pc technology, we may end up confused as to what means what.

A driver controls devices that you have set up or connected to your laptop – these devices can be internal, such as the video card, or external devices, such as scanners and printers. The driver allows these devices to run when connected or attached to your laptop.

Although some laptop’s have built-in drivers in them, some hardware may require drivers for it to run. Sometimes if you connect your camera to your laptop, the laptop will automatically detect it. On the other hand, some devices may not run without any installed driver. If your drivers are outdated, it will also have problems in trying to run your hardware. Connecting any devices in your laptop will not also work properly if you have a mistake in your existing driver, so if you want to bring the best performance of your computer, learn The Quick Way to update a driver.

For the first step, you have to locate the manufacturer of your driver to get the latest. You have to know also the make or the type of driver you have. If you want to update your video card driver, you may want to get what type of video card you have and search the manufacturer’s website on what is the latest on itdrivers update.

You have to check the hardware that you are going to connect to your computer as well. Check the model and make which you can find on the device itself. If you are updating a video card driver, you can find this information by clicking ‘Properties’ and in the ‘Settings’ tab where you can find the manufacturer of your video card.

After getting all this important information, you can then visit the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers, download it and install it on your computer. You may need to manually update the driver of a certain device by going to the Device manager tab and clicking on the ‘Update Driver’ button.

Although learning The Quick Way to update a driver may sound easy, there may be times that it may not work normally and may need a little tweaking. To help you avoid issues such as this, and to be able to lessen your time in searching for the latest drivers for your hardware, you can also find a good software that helps you find and update your driversdrivers update – whatever hardware you want to connect into your laptop.

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