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DNS Propagation Check

March 03, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

DNS propagation is one of those things that anybody who has anything to do with hosting, domains, email servers, or other services that need to be accessed online will go through at some point in time.

When you modify your to your domains DNS zones there is a delay between when you make the change and when they become active around the globe, this process is known as DNS Propagation and takes varying amounts of time. Waiting for propagation to occur can often be time consuming and can incur loss of email when incorrect DNS changes are made that are not noticed early or when changes are made but are sent to users before they should be.

Due to this sometimes long time frame for DNS changes to fully propagate it can be quite beneficial to be able to check DNS propagation on a bunch of random servers that are located all over the world.

By using, users are able to instantly check DNS propagation on a range of different servers located around the globe, these servers are located in the US, UK, China, Russia, New Zealand and Australia among others.

Having the ability to run a DNS Check on propagation has many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that if you have made changes to your DNS hostnames settings that are incorrect, you will have the chance to check these settings on other servers so that you have the chance to catch and fix the problem before they becomes more widespread and affects more users around the world.

Another great benefit of DNS checking is that you can specify when events happen more precisely. For for example advertising your new domain when you know that it can be accessed by everyone, or by activating your website over to use a new server once propagation has occurred – there’s nothing worse than launching a new advertising campaign or switching server configurations only to have half of the world not able to access your website, or losing important emails. allows users to check a range of different record types which is useful for when adding additional services to your domain name such as email or reverse lookups. Currently supported records are A, CNAME, MX, AAAA, NS, PTR and TXT.

The most important thing about is that it’s entirely free to use, this means that anybody can use the tool whether they’re just starting their first website or if they’re a large company who needs to check many DNS records daily.

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