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Magento – The King Of Carting World

March 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Among the leading Open Source eCommerce platforms available in the web world, is the Magento ecommerce. From setting its foot in the market of e-shopping world, it has steadily climbed up the stairs of success without any pauses. The best part of them is that they had been very progressive for customizing their products and updating it as per the market and user needs. Magento’s flexibility and control over its contents has made standing on the peak. From corporate to shop owner, from customers to merchants, everybody are spellbound with its features.

Verian has designed the Community edition of Magento ecommerce for those who own a relatively smaller business. It’s a freeware, so you are having the freedom to mould it up. Along with it there is much more to do. For betterment of sales, your customers get the ability to compare items, view its reviews and give ratings, even layered navigation and multi angular display of products is also available. These features give the customers higher satisfaction rates. Beyond these, the account that has been offered to the customers is the ability to store their favorite items to a ‘Wishlist’. The Wishlist allows them to share these items with their friends and families, ask them to give comments, ratings and reviews over these products. This features makes e-shopping as interesting as doing it live.

Magento ecommerce gives you the tools for internationalized you sales. From handling multiple tax paying issues, paying methods and currencies. It also supports 60 different international languages. Loaded with tools like Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells to increase order values it also Search Engine Friendly(SEF). It is a brilliant SEO tool of Magento ecommerce to attract customers around the globe. Even more, Verian is also developing tools to create mobile versions of your websites. It has been designed for mobile browsers where either the full or a smaller selection of items could be displayed. But, it is still in its developing stages. So you need to patient till it`s release. With the increasing popularity of mobile-shopping, Magento ecommerce promises to come with its full utility within a couple of years.

With the Enterprise edition of Magento ecommerce; which has been designed for the developing business owners, you could do the ‘Content Staging and Merging’. It is the most crucial feature of Magento because it lets you create new websites for your new stores without disturbing the existing ones. Your website will on a platform were you could do trials and innovations on it, Magento ecommerce allows multiple content staging, so you could do different things at the same time and merge it later, to save time.

If you have given a thought to select Magento ecommerce as your shopping cart then genuine hosting solutions would become more important. GigaPros( are among the recommended list of Magento ecommerce as ideal hosting solutions. They were one of the initial and leading ones who had been providing one-click installation for Magento.

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