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Microsoft Access Database Features

March 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Many Access database users consider creating a form quite easy. But, unfortunately, not every user is aware that each form also has property settings, which we can changed to control form’s look and behavior. In this article you will find out how to manage form’s properties from a property sheet. You will also learn some of the common property settings in Access form.

Form properties are rules, which control everything about a form like its look and functions. All MS Access objects have their own properties. Then, all form controls like text box, label etc also have their own set of properties. You can access these properties through the property sheet. To open a property sheet, click on the button at the form’s top left corner. You will see different categories the properties are grouped in such as format category, data properties, event properties, other properties and the all category.

The format category has the properties, which control the look of the form. You can apply these properties, if you want to define the look of the form and what items you want in the form. You can set up scroll bars and navigation buttons in the form.

Property sheet has a lot of different properties, so it will be hard to remember all of them. But if you need to learn about a particular property, you can simply select it and press F1. On a help page, you will get a short explanation and examples of how to use the property.

The data properties allow you to control things like the source of the data, whether you should allow other users to edit, delete or enter data and what kind of things users can do with the data.

Event properties are used to determine actions taken upon an occurring event like opening of the form or data update, etc. You can assign an action for each property to perform by clicking on the builder button. This will open the Choose Builder dialogue box letting you determine the action.

Other properties category has miscellaneous items, which can be very useful for designing your form. There are different properties like Pop Up and Modal. So you can make your form appear like a pop up window. Or if you use Modal property, the form will have the exclusive focus and you will have to close the form first, if you want to move the focus somewhere else.

And, logically, the all category contains all properties together. A long list of different properties is available for you to use, change your form and define different form functions. Each of them can help you optimize your form as you wish and give you more control over your form.

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