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The Advantages Of Microsoft Access Database

March 06, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Even though Microsoft Access makes it easy for many users to develop applications, very often you need to develop something more robust and go beyond the database basics. MS Access has special wizards and design tools, which you can use to create some simple and fairly nice applications. But if you are looking for more control and functionality in your database, then it might be time to learn how to develop MS Access Program.

Microsoft Access has built in macro language, besides other objects. Macros are great because they are somewhere in the middle between using a general system and programming. MS Access has a macro for pretty much every task you want to perform. You can create a macro for deleting a certain data and then make the program to display a message saying that the record has been deleted. It is also highly recommended to experiment with using macros, before you decide to look at programming.

One of the main disadvantages of using macros in Access, before MS Access 2007, was that they had no error checking. Without error checking option it is impossible to find out what caused the system to damage. You will see a general error message, but it will not always help to solve the problem. Program code will locate the problem or give you an idea of what has happened wrong. Then you can write more code to trap the error or get around it.

The programming language used for Microsoft Office programs is VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. But there are some differences between the Access VBA and the VBA of other MS Office applications. Actually every application has its own version of the programming language. But, even thought there are differences, if you can write code for one MS application, then you will be able to handle another.

Experiment with macro and try to create one for performing a specific task, and then try to write a code for the same task. This will help you get used to programming and slowly switch to developing code. As you gain more experience and confidence, you will notice that some code can be used over and over again. It is also great to create a code bank, where you can store all your favorite code routines, which you can use many times. This is a great idea and it will save you time and effort, because you can just find the necessary code routine and pull it up, without having to write it again.

So, if you want to begin creating MS Access Program, there are many ways you can learn how to do it. You can either read a book or take an online course. It might take you some time to become a good developer, but using VBA is easier than other programming languages.

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