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Cheap Apple IPhone 3G Insurance- 3 Money Saving Tips And Advice

March 07, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Apple iPhone insurance is definitely a pretty touchy subject for me. After all, I lost two brand-new iPhones within a two-month period, and guess what, they weren’t insured. I couldn’t believe it. The main reason I didn’t get my act together and insure my precious phones was because I was disgusted with the amount I had to pay through the ‘big swinger’ high street providers.

Are you having the same issues? Well dont hold off and make the same mistakes I did. Save yourself £1000 and alot of heartbreak and stress. The key is though not to go with the expensive £15 per month option. Follow my three little loopholes below and you will save yourself plenty of cash.

Apple iPhone Insurance – TOP 3 LOOPHOLES

1. Online Insurance companies are the way forward – No overheads = lower premiums. It makes sense right? Carry out a simple Google search for ‘Apple iPhone insurance’ and you will quickly see that there is a huge amount of companies out there who will save you up to 50% on the high street prices, for exactly the same cover. What really bugs me is the large corporations think they have the market cornered, and most people dont even question the high premiums. Find a good online company, do your research and save yourself up to 50%. Its that easy – why haven’t you done it before?

2. Do you have a premium bank account? – Another sneaky loophole to save money on Apple iPhone insurance. Some banks offer their premium bank account holders FREE mobile phone insurance. Lloyds TSB for example offer fantastic cover which wont cost you a penny. The only downside is that not everyone will qualify for this account. Be prepared though to really work for your claim by filling out alot of paperwork. And also check the amount that the bank will pay out, as it usually wont be the total amount for the latest iPhone. Still though, its pretty spectacular cause its free!

3. Are you a home owner? – Another really cool loophole that’s available to most people. When you purchase a home, you will almost definitely have home contents cover. What this means is that you will be able to protect your personal belongings (on top of household goods such as flat screen TVs) when you are inside and outside your home. For example, this may include gold watches, engagement rings and yep, you guessed it, mobile phones! An important point to remember is that you dont want to make a claim and break your no claims bonus. But I actually rang up and added ‘no claims bonus protection’ to my policy for a nominal amount per month. it really was that easy. Again, you may not be covered for the full amount of your mobile phone, and you will also have to fill out quite a bit of paperwork to make a claim.

So there you have it folks, my top three loopholes on how to save money on Apple iPhone insurance.

My number one loophole however is going with an independent company, mainly because its hassle free, fast and offers the best value for money. The most impressive product researched was found at Cheap iPhone Insurance

I have also developed an iPhone 3Gs Insurance website which will go into much more detail than written here. Check out a few more fantastic, free tips!

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