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Review Of Cheap IPhone 3Gs Insurance In The UK- 3 Cool Ways To Save Money

March 07, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Did you know that the high street providers are charging upwards of £15 per month for their iPhone insurance products? I don’t know about you, but it makes me really angry that these guys think they can get away with charging so much as they believe they have the market cornered. I think its time for an iPhone Insurance Review to find the best ways to save money and exploit a few cheeky loopholes.

Have you ever had that feeling where you have arrived home from the gym only to find you cant find your phone anyway? I can guarantee you that a high proportion of you have. Your heart starts beating faster and then the panic hits! You lose all your numbers, photos and music! What a nightmare. Well it happened to me twice in the past year. Both times my brand spanking new iPhone 3Gs was stolen from under my nose – they are targets for thieves my friends. But the worst part was that I wasnt insured, mainly because I refused to pay the extortionate prices quoted to me by the high street providers.

Let me help you with an ‘iPhone insurance review’ and a few loopholes i picked up when i started doing a bit of hardcore research.


1. Try the independent insurance companies – There are a huge amount of companies selling iPhone insurance at up to 50% of the high street providers total cost. Just do a quick search on google to find the top 10 companies. It is really a no brainer, and i dont understand why more people out there dont make the effort to do a bit of research to find the best price. Just make sure the cover has everything you require, no tie in period, as well as a full money back guarantee within a 30 day period just in case you want to change your mind.

2. Try your home contents insurance company – A sweet little loophole, which you must take advantage of! Its a little known fact that these guys can cover your phone for a small additional fee, usually to protect your no claims bonus which is highly recommended. Again make sure that the whole amount of your iPhone’s worth is covered, and be prepared to jump through some serious hoops to get paid. The disadvantage of this method is that you most likely wont get your new iPhone within 24 hours.

2. Try your bank – Who would have thought in this day and age you can get something for nothing from your bank? That’s crazy talk! But its true. Lloyds TSB bank offer a ‘premium account’ service for most of their customers which include mobile phone insurance as part of their package. But be warned, they wont cover for the full amount of the £600 required for the latest iPhone. But who says you cant use a combination of the above?

So there you have it folks, a very comprehensive iPhone insurance review which has provided you with a few great loopholes which will save you money. How do i know – because I used these principles myself.

My number one loophole however is going with an independent company, mainly because its hassle free, fast and offers the best value for money. The most impressive product researched was found at Cheap iPhone Insurance

I have also developed an iPhone 3Gs Insurance website which will go into much more detail than written here. Check out a few more fantastic, free tips!

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