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Stepping Stone To Install – Magento

March 08, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

It is becoming a well known fact that Magento is growing at an exponential rate. Magneto’s open source e-commerce platform is one of the most flexible e-commerce solution available today. It comes with a variety of tools, necessarily for building a successful online shop. The extensivity of the software can be well judged in the format that it is supported by 60 different languages and an impeccable viewing capacity where the onlookers can view a product with every possible angular denomination.

Today we will get introduced to first hurdle you are expected to face while you dream of owning you own Magento store. It is the hurdle of installation which is no doubt a very tricky one but, it is really easy if it is followed in the way it should be. Now the question which arises, How to Install Magento? As we have already discuss about Magento in above. It is an online shop cart solution that offers you a wide range of out of the box features that allows online stores to be setup fairly, quickly and efficiency with ease, and is available as an open source based solution. Magento has been downloaded more than 6lacks times; possibly it’s the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the market today.Magento looks and acts like the best of commercial solution, yet it is free to download. The first and the foremost point which should be taken care of is that Magento runs only on LAMP(Linux, Apache, mySQL, PhP) environment.
Now once we are aware of the basics then we move ahead to Magento install functionality:

Firstly download the latest stable Magento package form from this web site:
Secondly go to the Contel Panel of your hosting account and opens the File Manager and upload the Magento Package. We can put Magento file under the public_html folder. It will be one your web site content. Or you can put it under a sub folder. When it is uploaded you can extract it through your Contel Panel >File Manager.

Thirdly, create MySQL database for Magento. The database user has to assign through Contel Panel->MySQL Database. While creating MySQL database the filename should be: username_databasename.
Finally,you need to click on Magento in your software parking arena which is available in your Control Panel. Once you follow the steps the installation would be done as an hassle free job.
To make you enlighten, it is justa tip of iceberg and you need to be cautious always to run your store seamlessly. You need to select your webhost after judging all the performance parameters. You need to judge between the cheapest and the best. You need to judge the support quality of the webhost. Gigapros( is one of those webhost who has been with Magento and supporting magento since inception. It`s rich and robust background is worth appreciating.

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