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Microsoft Access Database Functions And Objects

March 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access has many useful objects and one of them is macro. Macro adds more functionality and control to your Access database. You can create macros to perform almost any task in your database and it is not that hard. Using macros is the next step of using building and designing your database after mastering all the basics like tables, forms, queries and reports. But it is still easier than writing VBA code for Access. You can quickly learn to use macros and automate some of your database tasks to save your time and effort. There are different macros in Access and one of them in autoexec macro.

This macro runs as you start the database. So, this macro can be assigned to perform any tasks you want at this time. For example, you may wish to open a particular form and move to creating a new record. This is easy to do with macro. You should go to the macro designer and add new task of running the form and creating a new record. Then, you should save the macro naming it AutoExec. Close the database properly and then run it again. You will see that the macro will kick into action and you will see your assigned task performed.

Autoexec macro in Access can be assigned with any actions you wish. You might also wish to backup the data, when the database opens. You can assign an action to transfer the data or even objects to another database. You can also create a make table query for making the data backup and then run this actions in Autoexec macro. If you want to run a delete query with a macro, then you have to set the warnings to be incorrect in the macro.

Usually it is better to perform simple actions with Autoexec macro in Access. If you want to avoid running Autoexec macro then you can hold the shift key when your database is opening. The macro will not start and the database will run as usual.

You can choose any form to load when the database is opening, but a good choice of a form is a login form. When your system loads, login form will be the first thing you see. At this point you can also minimize the database window.

So if you load the macro designer and improvise with different macro actions, you will be able to add more functionality and control to your database. Adding macros to your basic database functions, you will be thrilled at what your Access application can do. Using macro is not that hard and you can learn to create them after an advanced Access training and then practicing it with your database application.

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