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Hurdles To Install Magento

March 11, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Magento is phasing out itself to be leading open source ecommerce software. Magento ecommerce gives you the best possible formulation of your online web store. Magento is a well developed feature-rich open source platform. By the affords of Magento which gives you the better way-out to make your mind more creative. Starting e-commerce solution with Magento gives you the best possible formulation for your online web store.

The “Magento ecommerce” is a powerful, well formulated, robust, Open Source eCommerce shopping cart designed by Varien for a healthy business in every way you could imagine. But,it is considered to be a tough go during the installation process. As we know that Magento is a free shopping cart application which supports many payment processors, shipping methods, languages etc. It can be rightly guessed that today we will try to answer, what makes Magento install facility, a subject of discussion among the users of the software.

Many Magento users encounter a difficult task to install magento themselves.. But we’ve had some really good web hosting companies coming out in support of Magento recently, not least the addition of GigaPros, who has offered a fantastic One-Click “Installation” package to “Magento”. That, means once you sign up with an account you can “Install Magento”on your server in one-single click.

There are major few steps which can help to complete the Magento installation on a single go-
1. Firstly, we need to download the latest stable Magento package from the link given

2. Secondly, go to the Contel Panel of your hosting account and open File Manager and upload the Magento Package. But in this process you need to be very carefully while selecting your folder and naming them. If you are making Magento as your landing page then you need to store your software in Public_html folder, it will be on your web site content. Or it can be extension or it can be your subfolder (/public_html/magento). If you have loaded your Package then you can extract it through your Control Panel>File Manager. Change the File permissions for the Magento files to 755.

3. Thirdly, create the MySQL database for the Magento.It is involuntary part of installation. Remember to keep the MySQL database username as – username_databasename.

4. Finally, you need to click on Magento Install buttons and then you will be assure that Magento will found easily to get install in the server.

Now, it might be clear from the above that Magento One Click Install facility goes well But,on practical sense it`s a bit tricky.So you need to be very choosy while selecting your web host. GigaPros( is one the webhost who provide a robost support to Magento and magento install facility. It`s immense support ability makes it the choice of webhost for Magento.

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