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Microsoft Access Database Functions

March 12, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

One of the many useful values of the Microsoft Access database is the possibility to create reports. There are two basic report formats in Access 2007. They are tabular and columnar formats. Access report in tabular version looks a lot like Excel 2007 data sheet or the one from another spreadsheet programs. As for the columnar report, it devotes a column to every record. You can also set up a multi-column report in MS Access 2007.

Multi-column reports allow us to report data neatly and efficiently on a single page. Before setting a record like this up, you should understand that the page will be separated into several columns where your data will be displayed. But you will be working with only one column in the layout mode. The report will be seen in a multi-column format only during the preview or when you print it out.

You will set up the margins in the master column and these margins will be used for all columns on the page. You will have to define the margins of the column and the width of every one of them, making sure that they don’t exceed the needed width. You will be able to see how wide your columns are with the help of the horizontal ruler, which you can find at the top of the master column. Another method to define the widths of columns is by using the command Layout>Ruler. After you set your width, you have to adapt the width of the report, so that it could match the width of the column.

You can also change the page setup, column setup or printing options with the help of Page setup tab. If you want to add changes to the column setup, you should choose the Columns tab in the Page setup dialogue box. In Grid Settings you can set the number you want the report to have and the spacing of rows and columns. The spacing is used to add some space between records or columns.

You can also set the width and height in the Column Size option or the width can be set as default from the margins you selected earlier. The maximum height of each record is control at the Height box.

And, finally, you can also have the Access report the records down before starting a new column using the Column Layout part. When you are done setting up the multi-column report in MS Access 2007, all what’s left is to click OK. Then you can preview the report to check if it looks the way you need it to be. If it appears that you still need to make some adjustments, you should use the page setup to change certain elements of your report.

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