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The New Ipod Touch Versus Iphone 3Gs – The Short Look

March 12, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Nowadays there are a lot of debates concerning the features of iPod touch and iPhone 3G. And the struggle ipod touch vs iphone 3gs seem to be harder each coming day. As you know many men – many minds and in this article some features of both iPod Touch and iPhone 3G are mentioned to assist you in making your own decision.

The specific features of iPod Touch are the next:

* The iPod Touch functions with Microsoft Outlook.
* The iPod Touch has a calculator what is quite convenient.
* The iPod Touch stores photos.
* The iPod Touch fits in your pocket. You don’t need to carry it in a bag.
* The iPod Touch requires the touch of your finger.
* The iPod Touch has a fantastic Calendar function. You are able to make orders and install tasks that synchronises with Outlook.
* Your customers are under the deep impression at how effective You have become in your job.

An iPhone purchase shows that the purchaser desires the most comprehensive characteristic set they can get in one package; true internet web access, contacts, calendar and a solid phone to name a few.

It also signifies that the owner desires a phone with flexibility going forward. Since the iPhone is software grounded, new functionality can be added quite easily. More compelling is the release of the Apple’s iPhone SDK this month which will annex the all vital Exchange server integration functionality, making the iPhone a player in corporate environments. Exchange functionality will allow push contacts, email, and calendar as well as access to GALs and use of certificates, VPN, identities and security features like auto wipe should your phone be stolen.

3G is really just an increase in network speed so browsing, YouTube playing etc. will be hastened. The majority of folks who already have an iPhone probably won’t feel impelled to upgrade to a 3G. But if I was in the market for new phone, I’d probably go for the iPhone.

Here are two drawbacks though:

1. You should go with AT&T as your provider. They’ve got the exclusive for the nearest future. Mind you, service is very good …. but it is limiting.

2. Like a plenty of phones today, iPhone has a camera built in but can’t currently take video. The reason why a robust phone from Apple that has a hard drive built in can’t take video is beyond my understanding.

So it is for you to finally resolve what device is most appropriate for your needs and ipod touch vs iphone 3gs is to help you in making your decision.

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