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Microsoft Access Database Development

March 13, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

When you develop Microsoft Access database, it is necessary to give your users the opportunity to search for data in large amount of information. This article will provide you with a useful tip about how to solve this problem and provide a user with a field for entering a search string and then renew the form with the fields matching the search patterns. It is quite simple to do, so you should try it.

For this article we used a table of keywords and how many times they were found on the web in the last month. You can apply any table for this, but you have to make sure that the code is adjusted to reflect the proper fields in the SQL string. So, in case we want to know how often the word “Access” was used in search string, we can enter this keyword in the search field and then see all strings including this field in the form.

First, you should create a table with the name “keywords” containing the settings and fields like kwid-autonumber kwcount-number kword-text. Actually you can use any field names you want, just make sure you adjust the code according to the field names. Then you should create a new form setting the “keywords” table as the data source and put all the table fields on the form. Arrange the fields in a line and set the type of form to continuous. You can also place the field headers on top of the fields in the section of form headers and put the fields in the detail part.

Next, build an unbound text box; give it a name “srch” by including one more text field without data source. Determine the after update event, so when your users type in the string in the srch field, the form will again display the records with the string in it. In order to get a total count of the required keywords, you should add another box at the foot of the form and assign its data source as =Sum([kwcount]). Now you can save the form and try it out.

Microsoft Access can be used for many important tasks. If you know how to develop an Access database and know how to write code for Access application, you can process information much faster and it might take only a couple of minutes per week for performing certain tasks. Using macros and modules, besides the basic MS Access objects, you can get pretty much every task done in a matter of minutes, which will save a lot of efforts and time for you. So, if you still don’t know how to create code for increasing functionality of your database, you should consider taking an advanced Access course.

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