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Microsoft Access Database Errors

March 15, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft Access is a powerful and a complex database, but just as all other pieces of software, it often encounters problems and errors. There are different reasons for these errors and you should know them in order to prevent database corruption and files damaging. Access errors can occur during the mounting stage, compilation stage or when adding some changes to your database. And even though the reasons for errors can be quite different, the outcome is pretty much the same, which is inaccessibility of the data stored in the database. The best way to overcome the problems created by a database error is to restore the inaccessible data from a valid backup. But if the Access database backup is not available, corrupted or deleted, then you will have to use a powerful Access repair program that will provide you with the complete access to your data records.

In order to understand the problem better, let’s consider a practical case. Imagine you receive one of the following error messages, when you try to compile your Access database or try to view a module code. You might encounter different error messages stating that there was an error accessing file and that network connection might be lost or that the action you want to perform will reset the current code into the break mode, etc.

The above error messages show up when your system has both Access 2000 and the Vbe6.dll file version installed and when one of the following situations is true. You might have imported a form or a report with standalone modules into a new Access 2000 database. Or you might have copied and pasted forms or reports with the standalone modules using the Access 2000 into a new MS Access 2000.

In order to resolve the above problem and gain the access to your database records, you should follow the following steps. You have to build a new database and import all the records into it. After you are done with that, you can open your Visual Basic Editor and click Compile. Then you can close and save the new database.

If the above steps do not solve your problem, you have to opt for the powerful third party Access database repair software. These utilities are very advanced and use high end scanning methods to fix the corrupted database and help you regain access to all the database records. This kind of repair software is necessary to have on hand, especially if you store very important data in your database. You have to be sure you can easily and quickly solve any Access database problem in order to prevent any delays in your company’s work. These Access repair programs are easy to use and they fix all kinds of database corruptions.

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