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How To Purchase A Laptop PC – Low-Priced Laptops: Are They Meaning The Funds?

March 18, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

You want to buy a laptop do you? For laptops you have three main cpus available – Mobile Pentium 4 (basically a desktop P4 processor), Pentium M (low voltage cpus which enhance battery life and are specially built for laptops) and the Mobile Celeron processor (poor man’s P4 cpu). HP Laptop Computer If you need wireless access go in for a Centrino laptop or a Pentium M laptop (u can add wireless technology using a pcmcia card). If you aren’t going to move the laptop around much or you want a laptop for games, get a Mobile P4 laptop. Most laptops come with Windows XP which needs at least 256 mb ram to run happily.

The more RAM you have, the better your laptop will behave. You can either choose dedicated video memory or shared architecture. Try to get a laptop with at least 32 mb video memory. For normal laptop users 40 gb is sufficient. You can easily increase hard drive space by buying an external USB 2.0 hard drive.

Expect 3-5 hours battery life from most laptops. Mobile P4 laptop batteries will last much less. Most laptops offer optical drives – the best value for money today is DVD-ROM + CD-RW drive. Don’t ignore a floppy drive – most laptops don’t have floppy drives any more. Get a laptop with lots of USB ports which will come in handy and will improve the versatility of your laptop. Some laptops offer card slots where you can read/write to memory cards (as used in cameras).

Most laptop companies offer minimum software – Windows XP and basic stuff. Compaq and Toshiba make excellent laptops so check them out first. I used a Compaq laptop initially but later on moved to Toshiba as I found their laptops better. A laptop is usually a long term buy – forget about upgrading laptops. Take good care of your laptop. Don’t move the laptop when it is switched on.

Remember last year when a sale featuring laptops priced at $500 caused a stampede in one store. Laptop prices have been steadily dropping, falling below those stampede prices in some cases. A few years ago, compared to buying a PC, buying a laptop was very expensive.

Now laptop prices have fallen. A cheap laptop that will break or not perform up to our expectations is not cheap – just a waste of your hard earned money. one of the cheap laptop today is HP Laptop Pavilion

Many good quality laptops can now be bought for well under $1000. Keep all these features in mind when buying your laptop. A cheap laptop isn’t cheap if it doesn’t give you all the features you want. To be fully satisfied with your purchase, your cheap laptop must have all your requirements (things you just can’t live without on your laptop) included in that cheap price.

Make sure you’re getting a high quality laptop with all the features you need or require in your laptop for a decent price.

Most, if not all of the major laptop makers have online sites where you can find some great laptop discounts and laptop deals. Dell is well known for its online laptop coupons and discounts. Using Dell coupons will get you a cheaper laptop. Many other laptop makers like Toshiba and HP offer great online deals and discounts, so make sure you look around before you buy that cheap laptop.

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